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Gallery - page 1
(all photos taken by Christine Markel Lampe, unless otherwise noted)
More, and newer, photos can be seen on Page 2

Welcome to the Rogues Gallery . Here ye'll find portraits and information about characters within and contributors to the "No Quarter Given" magazine.

Pirate Feast in Adelphi, Maryland: Some festive pirates entertain an even more festive lass.

(photo submitted by Lance Oszko)




Mary Read come to life at the Pirate Feast.

(photo submitted by Lance Oszko)



ARRrrr - Ho, Ho

(photo submitted by a scurvy elf)



Capt. Blackbeard of Key Largo, Florida. This Blackbeard is a REAL pirate, making his living through marine salvage and other suspicous maritime activities. Capt. Blackbeard sends in occasional reports to NQG.

(submitted by Capt. Blackbeard)






Louie Sanschagrin
Ya was greeted by French Louie, readin' our fine magazine, on our Home Page. Here he is striking a pose made famous by a pirate of old (we'll let you guess who).
(Louie Lambe was practically born aboard a sailing vessel, and by the young age of two, had sailed half-way around the world, and was bein' fondled by the naked dark-haired beauties of Tahiti. He can often be found working aboard tug boats, and helping to restore old tallships. He has contributed articles to NQG on nautical terminology).






Francisco de la Beltraneja as the "Pirate King" in the Pirates of Penzance
Francisco has been entertaining us with his Tales of a Spanish Pirate for several issues now of "No Quarter Given". He seems to have been cursed with that old Chinese adadge "May you lead an Interesting Life", but despite it all, he's managed to keep his head (and the rest of his anatomy) and has had quite a few adventures along the way.
(Jerry Reyes, Francisco's alter-ego, was recently featured in the title role in the musical version of "Popeye" at the Orange County Marine Institute, in Dana Point, CA. And a splendid job he did, too!!)




How pirates roast hot dogs
After a long day of filming a pirate movie trailer at Dockweiler Beach in Los Angeles, the pirates take a break. Notice that they aren't just usin' coat hangers to roast their weinies.  Seen here from left to right: Louie Sanschagrin, Francisco de la Beltraneja, Greg Devore (headless), Robert Chapin, and Michael MacLeod.






The Pirate Lollipop Brigade
(these jovial buccaneers were found having a good time at the Redondo Beach Lobster Festival, Oct. 97)

(James Alexander Mandrow, Louie Sanschagrin, Francisco de la Beltraneja)

James Alexander Mandrow (left above)
Captain of the "Satan's Spawn", and arch-nemesis of Baron Baudric von Eisenfaust. Mandrow and the Baron conducted a very heated, and prolonged exchange of letters within the pages of "No Quarter Given".
(Steve Allen has also written "A Pirate's Journal" for NQG under the guise of Wilhelm Schuck, and a non-fiction article on pirate history.)

Bosuness Pickywench
Seen here in her guise as the Red Pirate, Pickywench is often a force to be reckoned with. Having just returned from sacking the Isle of Santa Catalina, we caught her here aboard the Lady Washington. She's a dead eye with her silver ladle - the most feared weapon 'mongst the buccaneers. We gave you a pretty full rundown on her in the Jan. '96 NQG issue about "Buccaneering Women". Though usually anchored in the desert sands of Arizona, she and her mate, Capt. Clifton (seen below) often ravage the coasts of California.


Captain Clifton
He's widely known 'mongst the brotherhood as Catnapper, for his common habit when on the sea, as the waves gently rock him to sleep. But I would tip-toe past him verra carefully, for when awake, and risen to his full height, he can be quite imposin'.

(In other worlds, they are known as Satin and Kenneth "Slinky" Clifton)



"Calico Jack" Rackham
We met Calico Jack at a grand gathering of buccaneers and sea rovers in the Keys of Florida at the Pirates in Paradise festival. We hear tell he now runs with Capt. Blackbeard and the scurvy lot what calls themselves Pirates RRR Forever.

(This pirate's name REALLY is John Rackham, and according to his family tradition, they are descendants of the Rackham famous in pirate lore. He is currently looking to document this connection through geneological research.)

Captain Wm. Kidd
The good captain is seen here at the Pirate Feast, held recently in Adelphi, Maryland. He and a contingent of his Free Men of the Seas revelled at the festivities. The FMOS base their operations out of the waters of Connecticut. Rumours tell that he is building a stronghold in the vicinity of the Thimble Islands. He and his FMOS have been spotted frequently of late, as they get bolder and bolder. They slipped into Marblehead Harbor (Mass.) on the eve of the USS Constitution's commemorative voyage last summer, and even took some of the marines and U.S. sailors into custody. Kidd and his crew kept them well entertained at a local tavern of ill repute..

(photo by Bob or Allison Chandler)



Scarlett Bludworth
The notorious and bloodthirsty Scarlett (left), often seen in the company of Capt. Kidd and his crew. Here she was amongst the pirates that attacked the HMS Rose during the A&E Horatio Hornblower Sea Battle in New York Harbour.

(photo by Bob Chandler)


Consort and cohort of the infamous Scarlett Bludworth, Silverbeard is a fierce enemy and a worthy companion to have on any venture. He is as quick with his blade as he is with his wit.

(photo by Allison Chandler)




Two Black Captains
It takes a pirate exhibit to bring two famous pirate captains together. Here, at the "Under the Black Flag" exhibit, at the Mariner's Museum, Blackbeard (left) greets Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts. 
(Ben Cherry has long portrayed Blackbeard, & Capt. Roberts is Joseph Ruckman)

(photo by Christine Malson-Ruckman)


The Skull of Blackbeard
Capt. Roberts inspects the purported skull of Blackbeard, on exhibit at the Mariner's Museum (August '97 - January '98). Unfortunately, experts believe there is no way to verify if this is the actual skull, and it is rumoured that there may be at least one other purported skull of Blackbeard.

 (photo by Christine Malson-Ruckman)




Captain Wolfric Tugmutton and some of the Brotherhood
This scurvey lot attends and offends (
READ: "tossed out of") the Michigan Renaissance Festival. They have been attending this grand event for over 11 years.

(photographer unknown)


Capt. Helga the Horrible
Now I don't think she looks so horrible! But she tells stories of making prisoners walk the plank with bare feet, in order that the splinters will provide the sharks with toothpicks. She patrols the waters of the Georgia Renaissance Festival.

(photographer unknown)





The Corsican Sisters
Aye, you've read about the Infamous identical twin sisters, Philistina and Baracuda d' Morte in the Aventures of the Corsican Sisters When they're not writing their memoirs, you'll often find them at the Nautical Festivals and Rennaisance Fairs in the company of the Port Royal Privateers. Known for their licentious behavior, piratical ways, and the corrupting of cabin boys far and wide, they are often an adventure just to be around.


Barracuda d'Morte



Philistina d'Morte

(photographer unknown)

Mother Rackett
Proprietress of the Drunken Mermaid Tavern, our Mother Rackett is a fine lass with a heart of gold, but don't go mistreatin' one of her girls, or you might live to regret it. "Aye, that one had good a taste, but was a mite stringy!"




Smilin' Jack Cagway
Smilin' Jack lent his back fer the signin' o' the Star of India's flag, just before it was sent to Old Ironsides to commemorate her first sailin' in 119 years. Members of the Port Royal Privateers are always there to lend a hand, or a back, as needed. Barracuda d'Morte is shown here also, as she makes her mark (luckily fer Jack, she didn't use a quill pen).


Agnes the Red
a.k.a. Nancy Gray
February 6, 1958 - April 28, 1998

Captain of the Each Uisage, scourge of the seas, and thorn in the side of Captain Aransas de Guello ... nay, the love of Captain Aransas' life ... or, mayhap, both. Seen here with her lovely niece Brigit McGinity, who's also sure to tear asunder many a young man's heart.

Nancy Gray contributed over twenty episodes of "The Tale of Agnes and Aransas--OR-- Destiny at Sea" to No Quarter Given. She also contributed several articles on costuming. After a long, valiant struggle with breast cancer, Nancy Gray has now left us to sail upon uncharted seas. We will all miss her, but we'll never forget her.


Aransas De Guello
Black-hearted scoundrel (at least to hear Agnes tell it), and captain of the Toro de Agua. Agnes the Red and Aransas' stormy romance has been chronicled often in the pages of "No Quarter Given".


Will Howard
Will writes to us of his adventures in How I Became a Pirate, or: From Nasby to Port Royall in the years 1645-1660. He sends his hand-written accounts to us in a splendid example of penmanship, using the nicest roundhand we've ever had cross our writing desk. He is seen here as part of the cannon crew aboard the Pilgrim of Newport during the recent sea battles in Long Beach Harbor.

(Howard Major, Jr. re-enacts many historical periods, from medieval eras, Viking, English Civil War, American Civil War, Old West and even as a Russian WWII sargeant. And, of course, pirates. He also teaches school ... & guess which subject!)



Baron von Eisenfaust
Arch-nemesis to Capt. Mandrow, Agnes the Red and Aransas de Guello, the good Baron is seen here preparin' ta pick off a few sailors up in the rigging of the Californian. He is a crack shot with the musket.




Thane Blackdawn
Thane was rescued by ( . . . and from) Philistina & Barracuda in a past episode of the "Adventures of the Corsican Sisters". He was a long-time supporter of Agnes the Red in her trials with Aransas de Guello.

(photo by Loretta Beltran)


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