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Swashbucklin' Links from "No Quarter Given"

Table of Contents

Arrgh - 'n sailing the Cyberseas, are ya? Well, here's other safe ports and havens you might like ta visit. If'n you know of a site that should be listed here, or if you find any links that send ya astray, please let us know. Come back to this harbour often - we'll be updating this section frequently.

The information is divided into the following categories:

Buccaneers and Pirates of Old
Piracy in General
Privateering and Letters of Marque
Individual Pirates
Pirate Study Lessons for Younguns and not-so-Younguns
Modern Piracy 
Piracy in other Languages (Foreign Language Sites)

Salamagundi - Other Pirate Sites
Books, Plays, & Poems (Literary & Cultured Piracy)
Pirate Movies
Pirate Museums, Groups, Festivals and Shows
Musical Pirates, and Salty Songs with a Roguish Touch
Swashbuckling Artists, and Illustrated Pirate Tales
Games, Puzzles, Jokes and Frivolous Activities
Buccaneerin' Food & Drink & Pirate-Themed Restaurants
Excursions & Travel

Misc. Piratical Endeavours

Nautical Sites and Maritime Museums
General Maritime Sites
Celebrating Voyages of Old
Maritime Museums
Maritime Re-enactment Groups
Maritime Crafts & Skills
Sea Songs & Shantys

Tall Ships

Living History

Costuming & Outfitting for Pirates

Miscellaneous Interesting Sites
Treasure & Shipwreck Sites
Mermaids & Mythic Sea Lore

Antique Maps

Other sites

Buccaneers and Pirates of Old

Piracy in general

Pirates of the Caribbean - (no connection with the movie) good, concise material, nice graphics - updated 10/17/04

Pirates Cove - graphic rich, but extensive site - updated 7/5/06

Pyrates Providence - "a starting point for those inclined to go on the account" - updated 10/17/04

Gentlemen of Fortune - Living History 1690-1725 Golden Age of Piracy - updated 10/17/04

Swashbuckler's Cove - extensive site, lots of material not found elsewhere - updated 1/31/05

Pirates & Privateers - Cindy Vallar's monthly articles on piracy & privateering - updated 1/1/04

The Pirate's Library - source of many standard pirate reference books - updated 1/8/05

The Pirate's Life - pirates, ships, flags & more -- great graphics, images of artifacts

Captain Morgan's Journal - many links & good bibliography on early pirates & vikings

The Captain's Cabin - mix of pirate facts, poems, art & tales - new 6/22/04

Le Diable Volant - in English & French, 17th c. Caribbean pirates, many original documents

Piece of Eight:  A Guide to 17th-Century Piracy 

Isle of Tortuga - In Dutch and English, with many primary documents

Booty:  Girl Pirates on the High Seas - book about lots of female pirates 

Women Pirates & Privateers: Real and Legendary - extensive list 

Pirates Of The Caribbean - Virgin Islands pirate history

The History of the Spanish Treasure Fleet System  - new 1/8/05

Pirates of the Spanish Main - lots of links, classic graphics

Index of Piracy - list of pirate links

Pirate Mythtory - correcting many of our misconceptions about pirates  - new 1/8/05

LEGENDS - Pirates & Privateers - mostly links and references  - updated 8/8/10

Pirates and Privateers - by Cindy Vallar - Suite 101 archived articles

Welcome to Pirate's Cove - good resources, seafaring info, underwater archeology

Pirates Homepage - The students of Rochedale State School contribute to this site  - updated 8/8/10

The Pirate's Hold - pirate roster, timeline, list of computer & RPG games - updated 3/13/04

Pirates - by Ryan Elwell (good Quotes page)

The Mysterious & Unexplained - Oak Island - mysterious "treasure" pit in Nova Scotia, Canada

Oak Island Treasure - excellent British site about the mystery 

Oak Island Coffee House - Discussions and multi-media on the Oak Island Treasure Hunt - new 9/18/07

Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar::  Solving the Oak Island Mystery 

Piracy in Newfoundland  

Pirates of the Whydah - National Geographic 

Expedition Whydah - The Legend of Capt. Bellamy

Pirate Ghosts:  Whydah -- Current Expedition

Treasure Pirates of the Whydah - Barry Clifford's hunt for sunken treasure ships

Beej's Pirate Image Archive -- great resource of images in public domain

Jolly Roger: Pirate History - images of pirate flags and history of their pirates - new 10/28/07

Pirates Of The Bahamas

Port Royal - The famous Pirate City, much of it sunk by an earthquake

Port Royal Project - Texas A&M - Institute of Underwater Archeology 

The Port Royal dig  - new 9/12/08

The History of St. Augustine - attacked by Drake and other pirates

Pirate Law: WEAPONS - written by Anne Read

Barbary Rovers by John Finnemore, online version of a 1912 book   - new 8/15/08

Barbary Pirates - reprint of a 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica article  - new 8/5/08

Terrorism in Early American - the war between the U.S. and the Barbary States   - new 8/15/08

I Sailed with Chinese Pirates - true account 

Punks 'n Pirates - history (Baltic pirates), songs (some in Swedish), humor 

A Pirates Progress:  How the Maritime Rogue Became a Multicultural Hero

Blackbeard's Bottle - What did the Pirates drink?

PsychoWench's Jolly Roger Page - learn meaning of symbols on pirate flags (click on Moto-Munkey Patches, then scroll down to the link at Jolie Rogue in the list)  - new 2/5/05

Pirates on Stamps - images of stamps with the piracy theme 

The Fate of Theodosia Burr - was she attacked by pirates? 

The Portrait of Theodosia Burr - more of the story. 

Pirates and Nautical criminals - from  the Newgate Calendar, Kidd, Roche, Gow, & others - new 11/18/07

Richard Coyle - The Proceedings of the Old Bailey - trial transcript - new 11/30/07

Privateering and Letters of Marque
(of course, many of the sites above deal with privateers - these are sites that specially focus on privateers)

Privateering Homepage - Canadian privateering, letters of marque, Barrett's Privateers

Letters of Marque - many letters of marque in several languages

Ye Olde Booke O' Seadogs - excellent material on the Elizabethan Sea Dogs   -  new 3/26/07

Treaties with the Barbary Powers - actual documents 

Individual Pirates
(grouped roughly in alphabetical order by the name of the pirate or his/her nickname)

Blackbeard Lives - Tour various Blackbeard connected locations.-  updated 5/20/09

Queen Anne's Revenge - investigating the remains of Blackbeard's flagship -  updated 5/20/09

Queen Anne's Revenge Videos - watch as artifacts are recovered from shipwreck site - new 5/20/09

Blackbeard's Homepage ........the King of Pirates

The Story of Blackbeard - from Teach's Hole - Blackbeard Exhibit & Pirate Specialty Shop

Home of Blackbeard the Pirate - Blackbeard sites in coastal N. Carolina -  new 1/2/05

Notorious Pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read - Female pirates escape noose by being pregnant. - new 5/20/09

Anne Bonny and Mary Read  

Hippolyte de Bouchard's attack on California  - pirate or privateer?   - new 5/20/09

Hipólito (Hypolite) Bouchard and the Raid of 1818 - pirate attack on California   - new 5/20/09

Hippolyte de Bouchard - videos & audio from Patrick O'Dowd and image gallery.    - new 5/20/09

El Viaje de La Argentina (The Trip of the Argentina) - extensive biography of Bouchard (in Spanish)  - new 5/20/09

William Dampier - buccaneer, world explorer, and naturalist

Captain John Deane - Adventurer and pirate

Sir Francis Drake, the Buccaneer

Sir Francis Drake

Legends: Sir Francis Drake

Robert Drury's Journal - a pirate's adventures in Madagascar

Fieldwork in Madagascar - the shipwreck of the Degrave, which stranded Robert Drury 

Peter Easton, the Marquis of Savoy - one of the most infamous pirates of the 17th c

Peter Easton - Pirate Admiral  

Peter Easton "The Pirate Admiral" -  his activities in Newfoundland -  new 1/2/05

Granuaile - Irish chieftain and pirate, aka "Grace O'Malley"

Defiant Women: Granuaile  

Gráinne Ní Mháille ~ Pirate Queen of Connaught

Granuaile O'Malley  

Grace O'Malley - by Judy Staley 

Grainne Ni Mhaille - based on "Uppity Women of Medieval Times"

Granuaile - Daughter of Owen The O'Malley

Piet Heyn - famous Dutch privateer

John Paul Jones Page

John Paul Jones - Pirate or Patriot

Famous Pirates - Kidd, Lafitte, Rackham 

Captain Kidd

The Pirate Hunter - based on book about Kidd, see real documents, & Kidd's home 

Diving for Captain Kidd's Sunken Ship - a Discovery adventure 

Captain Kidd's Island Found - a good bio & possible location for Kidd's treasure

Thomas Lacy and the Pirate - a page from the Lacy family history

The Laffite Society -  organization devoted to the study of the privateers Jean & Pierre Laffite 

Jean Lafitte - Gentleman Pirate - 14 chapter article by Joseph Geringer -  updated 6/15/09

Olivier Le Vasseur - (in French) aka La Buse (the Buzzard) -  new 1/2/05

Old Hickory and the Pirate - Jean Lafitte

Great Characters of New Orleans - Jean Lafitte

Henry Morgan: The Pirate Who Invaded Panama in 1671 - article written by Robert Guttman, published in the October 1991 issue of Military History magazine -  new 8/27/07

Henry Morgan, Pirate Ship - May be the one found off of Haiti

Henry Morgan - A Welsh Buccaneer

A Morgan Family Reunion - history of the Morgan family, including Henry Morgan

Jean David Nau - (in French) aka François L'Olonnais, very detailed with maps  -  new 1/2/05

John Nutt, Newfoundland Pirate

Gilbert Pike and Sheila Na Geira - Gilbert & Sheila Pike

Princess Sheila NaGira - a romantic story of a pirate and a princess, more on the Pikes

Pirate Study Lessons for Younguns and not-so-Younguns

Pirates!  Books for Buccaneers  - books on pirates for kids from National Geographic magazine - updated 9/1/05

A Teaching Unit for "Treasure Island" - lessons on "Treasure Island" for middle school student - updated 9/1/05

The New England Pirate Museum Educational Material - activities, historical information, puzzles and more -  new 8/9/06

A Pirate's Life! - A Treasure Chest of Pirate Facts & Activities - lessons & activities

"Treasure Island" - online text with study aids, activities, links

The "Scoop" Adventure Page - updated 9/1/05

History Seminar: Piracy, Entrepeneurship, and Protest

Pirates and their Enemies - course taught at the U. of Melbourne - good reading list 


Smuggler's Britain - the story of smuggling in 18th and 19th century Britain by Richard Platt -  new 2/17/07

Modern Piracy (yes - they are not pirates of the Golden Age, but they are real!)

Weekly Piracy Report - check up on the latest reported incidents 

1999 Piracy Seminar - organized by Singapore Shipping Assoc. with Soc. of Int'l Law

Piracy--An Old Profession  

Piracy Returns as Order in the High Seas Disappears 

Yo-Ho-Ho, a Ski Mask and Gun - 1997 newspaper article 

Bob Denard - modern mercenary - self styled "The Last Corsair of the Republic" 


Piracy in Other Languages
(some sites can be translated roughly using the Alta Vistas Babel Fish Translation Site, or other translation software)

Pirates & Corsaires - pirate biographies, some very detailed with maps, catalog of comics, games, movies,  in French -  new 1/2/05

Piraten:  Die Herren der Sieben Meere - the Lords of the Seven Seas - in German 

Barbenoire -  "Blackbeard" in French 

Le Diable Volant - "The Flying Devil" --  in French & English

La nouvelle Piraterie - French site about piracy, historical & modern 

L'Esprit Caraibes - piracy in the Caribbean 

Cocostresors - Cocos Islands & their pirate treasures (French)-click Sommaire at bottom for much more - updated 1/4/04

Pendez- les haut et court - (French) Pirates of Madagascar, & Indian Ocean (actual documents) 

Bienvenue chez Les Dodos Pirates  

Dutch Pirate Site "Piracy" - letters of Marque - in several languages

Pirates! - French site, gives many documents & maps 

Les pirates - yet another French pirate site

L'Ile de la Tortue - French site on Caribbean piracy with a great map

Sang et Poudre! - translates to Blood & Powder, sections on Cuba, Indian Ocean 

Another French Site

La Ruta de los Corsarios - In Spanish, promotes book "Route of the Corsairs 

Piracka Przystan na Wzburzonych Wodach Internetu - Polish site with English summary 

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Salamagundi - Other Pirate Sites

These are sites that are not historical, piratical fact. There are about how piracy has been used and interpreted in many ways. Some are ficticious, . . . often fun and silly as well.

Books, Plays, & Poems (Literary & Cultured Piracy)

Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates

"Treasure Island", by Robert Louis Stevenson - complete text online

"Treasure Island" - from Fern Canyon, complete with Flint's map

"Treasure Island" - online text with study aids, activities, links

Patrick O'Brien Page

Edward Rowe Snow - Bio on treasure hunter & author of several books on piracy 

Sandokhan - Tiger of Malaysia - online English translation of this Italian classic

Books by C.C. Colee - About the RB Trilogy, follow Aubrey's adventures with the pirates 

The Sweet Trade - novel about Anne Bonny & Mary Read, online prologue, links

Romantic Reads of Pirates - extensive list of pirate romance novels, each with synopsis 

A Piada Preta - online pirate romance story 

Admiral Guinea by R.L. Stevenson & Wm. Ernest Henley - a play

"Peter and Wendy" - (aka "Peter Pan") complete text online

The Pirates of Penzance - world's first complete online Web Opera, including music

PENZANCE II: THE PIRATES STRIKE BACK! - the return of the Pirates of Penzance

A Pirate's Lullaby - excerpt from a play about Anne Bonny and Mary Read

Windsong - pirate poem

The Rhyme of the Three Captains - by Rudyard Kipling (based on John Paul Jones)

Pirate Movies

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Official website of the sequel - new 3/25/06

Pirates of the Caribbean - Official website (summer 2003) with trailer 

Keep to the Code - Official fansite for POTC - new 3/25/06

Pirates of the Caribbean - links to many articles about POTC 

Pirates of the Caribbean - unofficial website with photos and trailer 

Pirates of the Caribbean - Orlando Bloom fan site - POTC articles & behind-the-scene stories

Latino Review - photos from POTC, of sets and set construction 

The Maelstrom - Official movie site (movie in the works)

Disney's Treasure Planet - Official website with trailer 

Pirates of the Plains - new kid's movie

Muppet Treasure Island - movie starring Kermit, Miss Piggy and Tim Curry

The Sea Hawk - review of the 1924 silent version of this story - new 3/14/04

Robert Newton - tribute to the man who brought the quintessential Long John Silver to life

Swordplay on the Screen - reviews of great sword duels in the movies

Matusalem - Canadian film in French about a pirate adventure 

Matusalem II - the sequel, also in French 

Pirate Museums, Groups, Festivals and Shows
(looking to join up with a crew, visit our Crews to sign on with  page)

Pirate Soul - new pirate museum with many true artifacts in Key West, Florida -  new 1/2/05

McLarty Treasure Museum - located on site of 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet Survivors' & Salvaging Camp  -  new 8/1/09

Tell No Tales - unofficial tribute to Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney 

Jean Lafitte Pirate Museum - unique animated exhibit -  new 5/13/04

Port Royal Development Project - Plans to renovate Port Royal, Jamaica into a living history site

Pirates of Nassau -  museum in the Bahamas with life sized dioramas and figures of famous and not-so-famous pirates.

The New England Pirate Museumupdated 5/13/04

Cuban Piracy Museum - at Morro Castle of Santiago de Cuba 

Sheila Na Geira - Carbonear outdoor musical about local pirate story

Ye Krewe of Sir Henry Morgan - a Gasparilla Pirate Festival group - new 2/04/04

Sea Dogs - Elizabethan maritime renaissance faire guild 

Bonaventure - UK based buccaneer crew -  updated 5/13/04

Captain Siobhan & the Pirates - 1st Annual Regatta (with photos of the NQG crew)

South Florida Pirates - list of events & activities for pirates in S. Florida - new 3/19/04

Fernandina Pirates Club - the pirates of the Fernandina Shrimp Festival

Future's Past - Florida re-enactment guild 

The International Fellowship of Royal Privateers - (aka The Guild of Saint Errol) 

Revenge from the Sea - showcase for this pirate crew 

Cardiff Rose Page - Pirates at the Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Royal Chessman

Frizze - group in Switzerland celebrated Carnival this year as pirates (in German)

Buccaneer Buddies - puppet shows of pirate history and lore

Pirates Dinner Adventure - in Orlando, FL and now in Buena Park, CA - updated 1/4/06

Captain Memo's Pirate Cruises - in Clearwater, Florida

Captain's Outrageous - Brigantine de la Bustier & Jacques du Coeur, a great swashbuckling duo.

The Pirates of the Green Bogie - Pirate show for parties in the UK -  new 7/21/08

Island Paradise Balloon Art & Storytelling - pirate tours of Charleston, SC, accompanied by "Capt. Bob," a blue & gold macaw  - new 7/21/08

Musical Pirates, and Salty Songs with a Roguish Touch
( more on musical pirate groups and recordings - Music to Maraud By)

The Pirate Musical - Survivor meets Pirates of the Caribbean in a musical adventure for all ages  - new 10/5/07

The Jolly Rogers - one of our favorite swashbuckling singing groups

Pyrates Royale - another of our favorites - singing buccaneers with a debauched repertoire

The Bilge Pumps -  shanties done in a piratical vein, yet another of our favorites 

Calico Jack - Janie Meneely and Paul DiBlasi  - updated 7/16/08

The Corsairs - still another favorite, a piratical singing group from Scarborough Faire 

The Crimson Pirates -New York area singing group

Dark Cove - Pirate black metal band in the UK  - new 1/11/05

Jolly Garogers - pirate band in Austin, TX - new 1/11/05

The Shantyman - Greg Csikos sings sea shanties, nautical tunes & pirate songs - new 2/22/04

Pirate Jenny - rock pirate group from Oregon, another favorite of ours

Letter of Marque - maritime music  - updated 7/16/08

Marooned! - shanty singing group from the Las Vegas Age of Chivalry Faire - updated 4/22/04

The Captain and his Buccaneer Oarkestra - great party music

Salty Dogs - maritime music & mayhem - updated 7/16/08

Sea Chantyes of the Toucan Pirates - musical adventure on the high seas

The Brig - Music of Sforzando, Australian rock group, some piratical pieces

The Pirates - piratical blues?

Tom Lewis - "Oh Lord above, send down a dove, with beak as sharp as razors", songs of the sea - updated 7/16/08

Yo Ho Ho - "Fifteen Men on the Dead Man's Chest", aka "The Derelict" - lyrics 

Barrett's Privateers - song about Canadian privateers, written by Stan Rogers

Barrett's Privateers: History of Myth -explains the song in detail

Terror of the Sea - pirate heavy metal/techno music (I think that's what you call it)

Running Wild - Heavy Metal Band with great pirate lyrics

Bloody Buccaneers - Dutch heavy metal band, great pirate lyrics in English -  new 5/13/04

The Song from "The Pirates of the Carribean"

The Ballad of Patch Eye & Meg - song by Michelle Shocked

Jimmy Buffett's Magaritaville

Son of a Son of a Web Page - the Parrothead Page

The Bitter End Website - links to many shanty collections 

Swashbuckling Artists, and Illustrated Pirate Tales

Richard Becker's Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales - Comic Book Series & NQG contributor 

Colonia - a very interesting  fantasy pirate adventure story 

Don Maitz Web Site - artwork by Don Maitz, frequent cover artist & contributor to NQG

Magical Encounters by Maitz and Wurtz - artwork by Don Maitz & his wife Janny - some pirate illustrations

Magical Encounters II by Maitz and Wurtz - more artwork by Don Maitz - frequent NQG contributor

Howard Pyle - Biography - reproduction of "Walking the Plank"

Howard Pyle and American Illustration - about the famous 19th c. buccaneer artist

Cap'n Lightnin' Jacks - Salt Sea Rovers - dedicated to pirate artists, section on Howard Pyle

Tails of the Pirates - Australian Cattle Dogs as Pirates, online tales 

Sea Dragon Marine Art Studio - artist of modern & old ships 

Games, Puzzles, Jokes and Frivolous Activities

Bandits, Brigands & Buccaneers - enactment game experience at Fort Widley, Portsmouth, late May Bank Holiday 2009 -  new 2/12/09

Ax A Pirate - the Pirate "answers" questions sent in   -  new 2/5/07

Chat Like a Pirate - how would a pirate chat on the internet?  -  new 8/18/06

Dogs of the Seas - Massive Multiplayer Pirating Game - new 1/8/08

Pirates of the Spanish Main - Constructible Strategy Game, also new Pirates of the Crimson Main -  new 4/18/05

Sid Meier's Pirates - newly revised game for PCs -  updated 2/12/09

Blackbeard - games, pictures, party planning activities for little hearties. - new 1/8/07

Ace Murder Mystery Games - Pirate Murder Mystery   - new 7/5/04

Pirates! - RPG from New Dimension Games, click on "Pirates" box   

Pirates of the Caribbean - the Game -- for XBox and PC  -  updated 2/12/09

Pirates!  25mm Miniature Battles on the High Seas

Port Hidalgo - a game of rogues in the golden age of piracy -  updated 2/12/09

7th Sea - Role-playing game website -  updated 2/12/09

Pirate Junk - online game in the South China Seas of the 1860's

Seven Seas - scroll down to a fun game (only yer shootin' at the pirates) 

Wooden Ships & Plastic Men - a do-it-yourself game with toy pirate ships & toy pirate men. -  updated 2/12/09

Captain Morgan presents Cybership2: Voyage to the Bottom of the Net

Pirateer - Board Game  

Pirate Treasure Hunts -- fun tips on creating your own treasure hunt games 

Mr. McGroovy's Pirate Adventure - build your own pirate ship from large cardboard boxes -  new 3/26/07

The Lost Tavern - dedicated to the game "Pirates!" 

Furry Pirates - a RPG book set in a world of anthropomorphic furries -  updated 2/12/09

Treasure of Cutlass Reef - pirate ship battle game -  new 2/12/09

Redhook's Revenge! - game

Redhook's Revenge! - more on the game

Monkey Island Saga Links - tips for playing the Monkey Island games from LucasArts

Plundered Hearts - bodice ripper pirate computer game

Pirate Tombstones - clever epitaphs for many pirates -  new 1/2/05

Pirate Riddles of the Seven Seas  

Lego Pirates

Evil Stevie's Pirate Game - imagine pirate D&D played with LEGO pirate ships... - new 7/19/05

Buccaneerin' Foods & Drinks, and Pirate- Themed Restaurants

Captain Rackham's Pirate Rum Cake - from the Cayman Islands 

Foods from the Yellow Admiral - recipes for foods in the Patrick O'Brian books

Rum Drinks Page

Blackbeard's Booty Rum - newly introducCosta Rican, naturally aged rums with label art by Michael Noles   -  new 9/2/08

Pirate's Choice Rum - award winning Molasses Reef Rum and Key Lime Rum   -  new 5/2/08

Ultimate Rum Cake

Recipes from the Cayman Islands - Conch Pie might be something similar to food the buccaneers ate

Loscouse & Spotted Dog - recipes for foods of Lord Nelson's time

The Rum Story - A rum museum - new 11/18/04

The Pirate's House - opened as an inn for seafarers in mid 18th c. Savannah, now serves great grub & drink.   -  new 5/18/08

Dante's Down the Hatch - jazz club & fondue restaurant in Atlanta built around the illusion of a tall ship at a wharf, complete with live crocodiles!  -  new 5/18/08

Redwood Bar & Grill - newly re-opened with pirate and nautical decor, often featuring piratical musical groups.   -  new 5/18/08

Queen Anne's Revenge Restaurant - great pirate-themed restaurant (& museum) just outside of Charleston, SC. -  new 5/18/08

Excursions and Travel

Jolly Pirates Aruba - cruise aboard a pirate ship in Aruba for day trips, snorkeling, and weddings.  -  new 10/29/07

Misc. Piratical Endeavours

Talk Like a Pirate Day - Dave Barry promoted it, but now, learn the whole story & while yer at it, ask Capt. Slappy a question 

Pirate Ceremonies - Pirate reverend will officiate at pirate-themed wedding ceremonies -  new 8/11/09

Bus Pirates - very funny video episodes -  new 4/13/07

The Adventures of Pirate Bendy - follow Bendy's voyages (and if you want Bendy on yer crew, contact us -- we offer him in our swag)  -  new 3/26/07

The Pirate Pom -  Fo’c’sle Jack, the Pirate Pom, captain of the Dread Ship Pork Chop

Bilgemunky - reviews of pirate swag, commentary, and Bilgemunky Pirate RADIOnew 3/26/07

Shaiibeard's Avast - an hilarious online news website for buccaneers

Sir Berky's Wharf - an imaginary pirate village, with lots of links

The Pyrate King - visit a pirate tavern, listen to salty tales 

Cap'n Ron's Cabana

Cyber Jacques the Pixel Pirate - wacky characters & exciting adventures

826 Valencia, pirate-themed store & student Writing Center -  new 2/13/05

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Nautical Sites and Maritime Museums

These are general nautical sites. See next category for individual ships..

General Maritime Sites

Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page - extensive site on everything nautical 

SchoonerMan - Schooners and Tall Sailing Ships   - updated 10/13/09

Maritime History Archive - documents maritime activities of the North Atlantic  - updated 10/13/09

John's Nautical Links List - "The Mother of All Maritime Links"

John's Nautical Literature Page - Nautical Fiction List 

The Maritime History Virtual Archives - updated 10/13/09

Tall Sails Adventures - a family friendly blog about sailing & the ocean  - new 10/13/09

Prints and Drawings - National Maritime Museum collection  - new 8/15/08

William Falconer's Dictionary of the Marine - 18th century English & French glossary 

History of the Spanish Treasure Fleet System - The story of the Spanish treasure galleons 

The Manila Galleon Trade, 1565-1815  

Shipwreck! - museum exhibit of shipwrecked Spanish galleons 

Don Blas de Lezo - the Spanish "Nelson"  - updated 8/25/01

H.M.S. Richmond - Royal Navy & Marines Living History - 1775 to 1783 

Ships of the Old Navy - A history of the sailing ships of the Royal Navy 

Sailing and Fighting Instructions for His Majesty's Fleet.1775  

Naval History of the American Revolution by Gardner W. Allen

The Ships of the American Revolution  

Journal of John Paul Jones  

Maritime Society of the American Revolution  

Alfred - a ship of the American Revolution  

The Navy: The Continental Period, 1775-1890  

Terms, Traditions and Customs of the Naval Service - from the Bluejacket website

Nautical Expressions in the Vernacular - Maritime phrases from O'Brian's novels explained 

Online Nautical Dictionaries - in several languages 

Maritime Etymology - in several languages 

Dictionary of Sea Terms - 1841/1851 by R.H. Dana Jr.

English-French Sailing Dictionary  

Claudio Bonifacio Historical Research Page - lists of Spanish colonial shipwrecks

The Orlop Deck - the ship's surgeon and the sickbay

English East India Company Ships  

Bravé - French Navy during the Revolution, Republic & First Empire, 1789-1815 

Ships-In-Bottles - Pirates who live in glass bottles should not fire cannons! (Russian site in English)

Wassman Photography: Romance of the Sea Series - dramatic photos of tall ships

Digital Stock Photography - Ship Collection - many photos from Long Beach Sea Battles

Nelson's Decade

Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson KB

1800 Sea Women -by Dr. Linda Grant de Pauw 

Smuggler's Britain - by Richard Platt.  Smuggler's & pirates go hand in hand (i.e. Scarecrow of Romney Marsh)   -  new 12/27/07

Celebrating Voyages of Old

Viking Voyage 1000 - a re-enactment of Leif Erickson's voyage to the New World

1492: An Ongoing Voyage

Cabot - Celebrate 500 Years - celebrate John Cabot's discovery of Newfoundland

Filming of the movie "Amistad"

Mutiny on the HMS Bounty  - new 3/8/05

Maritime Museums

Alexandria Seaport Foundations Seaport Center

Australian National Maritime Museum

 The Columbus Fleet - Texas

Flagship Portsmouth - Historic Dockyards in England - updated 10/8/11

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum - bell from the Edmund Fitzgerald is here.  - new 3/1/08

Independance Seaport Museum - current site of the "Under the Black Flag" exhibit

Kendall Whaling Museum  

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

The Mariners' Museum! - of Newport News, VA

Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Soc. - Key West, FL, featuring Atocha & Henrietta Marie wrecks 

Michigan Maritime Museum - South Haven, MI, homeport of the Friends Good Will sloop - - new 4/20/05

Mystic Seaport, home of many historic vessels in Connecticut

The National Maritime Museum - Greenwich, UK

North Carolina Maritime Museum 

NPS Maritime Parks - list with links of many maritime resources 

Ocean Institute - Dana Point, CA, home of Pilgrim II and Spirit of Dana Point

San Diego Maritime Museum - Homeport of the Star of India

San Francisco Maritime Nat'l Hist. Park

South Street Seaport Museum

Texas Seaport Museum - home of the Elissa

USS Constitution Museum


Maritime Re-enactment Groups (non-pirate)

HMS Richmond - Ship's Company of sailors & marines during Amer. War for Ind. -  new 1/25/09

Corvette Wolfe Ships' company - during War of 1812 on the Great Lakes. -  new 1/25/09

Privateers of the Dauntless - a group that sets up a representation of a square rigged ship centered around a 45' tall main mast with yard arms, rigging & sails. -  new 10/12/07

Naval Historical Education Foundation - The Jolly Boats are back, S. California -  new 2/24/06

Bonaventure:  Re-enacting Maritime History 1560-1660 - a UK based group 

Crew of the HM Sloop Falcon - Amer. RevWar period crew, as ordinary seamen, or as a press gang, based in Fl -  new 10/29/07

Ship's Company - re-enactment group to support the "Constellation"

Dogwatch - shanty group in central Virginia 

Maritime Crafts & Skills

International Guild of Knot Tyers - assoc. for those interested in knots  -  new 1/24/11

Knots on the Web - links to knot typing websites  -  new 9/12/08

Sea Songs & Shantys

Songs of the Sea - good collection of shanties with historical backgrounds & links

Shanties & Sea Songs - several dozen shanties & sea songs listed 

Ship's Company Shantymen - traditional shipboard music

Ancient Mariners - more traditional shipboard music  

Shanteys and Sea Songs - a great collection 

Victoria Nautical Song Circle  

International Shanty & Sea Song Assoc. 

Shanties and Sailor Songs  

Arrr!!! -- students of Brown Univ. sing of sea shanties, have great list of lyrics  - new 1/21/09

The Bitter End - list of shanty festivals and links to other shanty sites  - new 10/17/04

Pint and Dale:  Music & Myth of the Sea - shanties, maritime music & more 

Olympia Folklore Society - many shanty events in Washington, home of Budd Bay Buccaneers -  updated 4/2/07

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Tall Ship Sites

Many of these tall ships are replicas, as most of the originals have not survived the trials of time.  We encourage our "pirate" readers to get involved with sailing, and tall ships. Your portrayal of a pirate or privateer is only enhanced by having a greater knowledge of ships and the sea. Many of the tall ships are open to having pirates and privateers involved with their events (though some prefer not to be associated with pirates ... call ahead and find out, before showing up in your piratical best).  We recommend you visit these ships (at least in civvies) any time you have the chance to do so, and learn more about them.  Many of these ships need volunteer crew (as docents, craftsmen, sail crew, etc).  For the experience of a life time, spend a few weeks of vacation time at sea working on a tall ship.  To get information in general on sail training, and sailing with tall ships, visit the American Sail Training Association (ASTA) website and/or Sail Training International .

More about tall ships No Quarter Given has been associated with.

Schooner Adventuress - Puget Sound historic schooner 

Topsail Schooner Alvei - main topsail schooner sailing the world's oceans 

American Pride - 3-masted schooner docked in Long Beach, CA 

Amistad - replica of the historic ship on which slaves revolted in 1839 - updated 9/3/09

Amorina - queen of the Red Sea 

Barque Elissa at Texas Seaport Museum 

Batavia 1629 -  A seventeenth century shipwreck - updated 9/3/09

Brig Niagara, original War of 1812 ship in Erie, PA  - updated 9/3/09

Californian, 1848 revenue cutter replica -- California's official tall ship - updated 10/10/04

Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation - replica of Australia's 1st known European visitor 

El Cazador - Lost at sea in 1784, rediscovered in 1993, this ship contained a store of riches destined for New Orleans to help save the colony.  - new 12/17/05

Elizabeth II - at Roanoke Island Festival Park,  replica of Walter Raleigh's16th c. ship

Bark Endeavour - replica of Captain Cook's famous vessel 

Fantome - history of ship sunk during Hurricane Mitchell 

Friends Good Will Sloop - replica of an 1813 sloop from the Battle of Lake Erie  - updated 4/20/05

Gazela - Philadelphia's Tall Ship, original 1883 barkentine 

Golden Hind - replica of Drake's ship in replica in Brixham, Devon  - updated 8/11/06

Götheborg - East Indiaman sailing ship under construction in Sweden (in Swedish)

Governor Stone - original 1877 schooner in Apalachicola, FL - updated 10/11/04

Grays Harbor Historical Seaport - homeport in Washington State of the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain    - new 3/1/08

Hawaiian Chieftain, San Francisco Bay area   - new 1/5/07

Hermione - a reconstruction of Lafayette's ship

HMS Bounty -  join her on her voyages generally along the East Coast

HMS Bounty - by former crew, family & friends of the 1962 replica Bounty

HMS Fowey, excavation of wreckage - updated 9/3/09

"HMS" Rose - replica of the vessel that caused the birth of the U.S. Navy

"HMS" Surprize - replica used in Master and Commander, (used to be HMS Rose) in San Diego, CA for tours - updated 9/3/09

HMS Frigate Unicorn - early 19th c. frigate 

HMS Victory - pride of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth, England

Jolly Roger - replica galleon in the Cayman Islands - updated 10/11/04

Kalmar Nyckel - Delaware's tallship ambassador - updated 9/3/09

Lady Washington, Grays Harbor Hist. Seaport, in Washington

Maryland Dove - replica of 1634 ship at Historic St. Mary's City, MD - updated 10/11/04

Mary Rose, 16th C. warship raised from the seafloor in Portsmouth, England

Mystic Whaler - traditional windjammer

Mystic Seaport, home of many historic vessels

Brig Pilgrim II - replica of the ship in "Two Years Before the Mast", Dana Point Harbor, CA - updated 10/11/04

Oliver Hazard Perry - Rhode Island's Tall Ship  - new 9/3/09

Pride of Baltimore II, topsail schooner in Maryland

Privateer Lynx, topsail schooner, a War of 1812 replica, homeported in Newport Beach - updated 10/11/04

Privateer Rattlesnake, 1780 ship replica in Florida 

Reef Chief - 65' wooden schooner out of Key West

The Royaliste - 18th-century dispatch gunboat/bomb ketch in SF Bay area

Schooner Sultana , under construction in Maryland

Schooner Wolf - schooner in Key West 

Sloop Providence - faithful replica of John Paul Jones' first command - updated 9/28/05

Spirit of Dana Point - the renamed "Pilgrim of Newport" - updated 10/11/04

Stad Amsterdam - Dutch site with English version 

Star of India, World's oldest active ship in San Diego, CA - updated 10/11/04

Swift of Ipswitch, topsail schooner, L. A. Maritime Inst., CA

USS Constellation, official website of the sloop of war, Baltimore, MD

Vasa, Swedish royal warship (link at top to view website in English) - updated 10/11/04

Welcome, 1775 replica  

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Living History

The buccaneers and sea dogs did not live in a vacuum. To understand their world, and to better re-create a pirate portrayal, you need to understand all aspects of life in the period you wish to relive. Sites devoted to preserving history, or re-creating an historical environment:

Historical Locations & Websites

Historic St. Mary's City - Maryland's First Capital, 1634-1695 

Colonial Williamsburg

Fortress Louisbourg - official research site of Cape Breton maritime historic site - new 3/23/03

Jamestown Rediscovery - the first surviving English colony in the New World

Military Artifacts of Spanish Florida - online museum

Madagascar - University of Sheffield study of the Island & Shipwreck of Degrave (Robert Drury's vessel) - updated 3/22/04

History Channel Traveller - Recommendations for historically-focused travelled

The Colonial Currency, Prices, and Exchange Rates

Along the Georgia - Florida Coast

Living History Groups, Re-enactment Websites, Events & Periodicals

The Ladies of Re-Enacting - several eras are featured, including "The Age of Pyrates",  "Baroque" and "Colonial" Eras. - new 9/23/04

The Royal Chessman  

The Sealed Knot - English Civil War Re-enactment 

Renaissance Faire

Lively Arts History Association - Calendar of living history events in So. California 

The Pine Tree Shilling - life in the American Colonies between 1650 & 1780, magazine 

Le Poulet Gouche - 16th Century French tavern

Historical Reenactment - Listing of Links

About ... Historical Reenactment -  Listing of Links 

Living History - Great list of historical events, listed by eras 

Resources for Re-creationists On The Web

Spanish Colonial Living History

L'Age d'Or - "The Age of the Sun King" - French and English Baroque 

Staged Combat and Historical Fighting Styles

The-Sports-Arena.Com - Fencing related web directory- new 4/14/05

Sword Forum International - updated 3/22/04

In Ferro Veritas - Classical Fencing:  the Martial Art of Incurable Romantics - updated 3/22/04

The Ring of Steel - Theatrical Combat - updated 3/22/04

Duelling & Fencing - Primary Resources - updated 3/22/04

Period Culture & Skills

Clay Tobacco Pipes - Clay pipe collection   - new 9/12/08

Clay Tobacco Pipe - database of clay pipe makers' marks from London excavations  - new 9/12/08

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Costuming & Outfitting for Pirates

If you want to play pirate, you'll need a swashbuckling outfit. These sites might help you decide what is the proper look, and some give advice on construction of such.. Also, peruse our listing of Merchants and Smugglers for sources to acquire costumes, supplies and props:

Gentlemen of Fortune - Living History 1680-1725 Golden Age of Piracy, historically accurate and detailed. Best resource I've seen illustrating a sailor's (and pirates) kit (garb)  - updated 2/26/07

Pirate Mythtory: Pirate Clothing - another good description of pirate clothing using period illustrations

Reconstructing History:  Article Directory - several articles, including a beginner's guide to Historic Clothing, hand-stitching, and clothing of the Golden Age of Piracy. new 3/27/07

The Salacious Historian's Lair - great resource for Baroque and 17th c costuming & culture, section on pirates, lots of period images & quotes - new 12/17/05

PiratePics - Many, many periods images of sailors & pirates from medieval era to early 19th c - new 7/1/05

17th and 18th Century Scottish Costume - for those who want to portray Red Legs Greaves and other Scottish pirates - new 4/4/07

Military Artifacts of Spanish Florida, 1539-1821 - An Internet museum showing Spanish colonial (and also Bourbon French) military artifacts, mostly buttons & buckles, which pirates might have acquired.- new 12/17/05

The Costume Page

Costume Sewing Resources - links for sewing tips for historical costumers of many eras - new 3/20/04

"The History of Costume" - Online Book

Wikipedia's article on Clothing 1650-1700  - new 9/12/08

Wikipedia's article on Clothing 1700-1750   - new 9/12/08

History of Shoes   - new 9/12/08

Clothing of 18th Century England 1700-1735   - new 9/12/08

The Costume Site - Milieux

The Shadows of the Past - Period spectacles 

Sewing Tips for 17th Century Costumenew 3/20/04

The Renaissance Tailor - Recreating 16th & 17th c. clothing, construction techniques - new 3/20/04

Baroque Costumes - French & English Baroque. Excellent reference on fashions of 1638-1715 - updated 3/22/04

The Anatomy of Male Costumes - surviving 18th c. costumes of the V&A Museum - new 3/20/04

The Anatomy of Female Costumes - surviving 18th c. costumes of the V&A Museum - new 3/20/04

Historical Clothing -  bibliography for design & construction of clothing throughout history 

Would You Wear This? - Women's Clothing During Hannah Penn's Time -  new 10/25/04

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Miscellaneous Interesting Sites

Treasure & Shipwreck Sites

Silver Bank - National Geo. site on shipwrecks 

Spanish Main Treasure Company - featuring the Taj Mahal Treasure - updated 3/22/04

Historical Research & Development - treasure for sale

International Treasure Hunter's Exchange

Shipwreck Treasures - treasure shop in Ft. Myers, FL, -- also a pirate section- updated 3/22/04

The Segovia Mint

Atocha Treasure Company - purchase some of the treasure found by Mel Fisher

Treasure Hunting Site by Mel Fisher

Wreckovery Salvage - historic shipwreck recovery - updated 3/22/04

Forecastle Treasures - specializing in selling coins and treasure from the "Atocha"

Reilly's Treasured Gold, Inc. - Treasure Hunter's site

Spanish Colonial Cobs - treatise on the Spanish coins of 1572-1773

The Belle - shipwreck site, La Salle's flagship from his ill-fated 1685 expedition  - updated 3/22/04

Mermaids & Mythic Sea Lore

SeaTails - Mermaids

The History of Mermaids

MermaidNet - buy just about anything mermaid

The Mermaid Art of David Delamare - mermaids and pirates  -  new 5/27/08

Mermaids on the Webnew 2/5/05

Antique Maps

Rare Map Collection - Colonial America - several dozen period maps from 1625-1774

David Rumsey Map Collection - 18th & 19th c. rare maps -  new 3/22/03

Maps, Atlases & Reference Books For Sale - 16th - 19th centuries

Hargrett Rare Map Collection - maps of the New World & Colonial America 

Other sites

Coins of Colonial America- excellent reference to period coinage

Hobby World Montreal - Wooden ship kits - updated 3/22/04

Medieval & Renaissance Games - loose yer doubloons gambling like a pirate - updated 3/22/04

Knots on the Web - everything you wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) about knots

Dinsmore Documentations - Collections of Historical Documents  -  new 2/26/07


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