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"Goin' on the account"

Pirate & Privateer Crews

Here's a roster of established privateer and pirate crews known to us.  Some are lookin’ fer more crew to sign on.  Some are lookin' to increase their coffers by hirin' out fer special shindigs, pillages and raids. If there is no crew in yer waters acceptin' new members, ye mite have to start yer own. Fer help in starting up yer own, read the article given below the list of crews. 

PILLAGERS TAKE WARNING:  The contact information below is solely for the purpose of those looking for a crew within their waters (whether to join, or to engage for various nefarious purposes). Those of you who might think to "collect" the email addresses below for "spamming" purposes, think again.  It's not wise to anger a lot of pirates armed with cutlasses, boarding axes, and other pointy, sharp implements. 

If ye be wantin’ yer group listed here (and in our magazine No Quarter Given), please contact the editors. Send us the following particulars :

--PHONE/ADDRESS/EMAIL/WEBSITE (include at least one of the 1st two - remember not everyone has email or Cyber access - , the others are optional, but encouraged )
--SCOPE OF PORTRAYAL:  time period you portray, type of pirates or privateers you portray, do you strive for historical accuracy or are you more a fantasy or Hollywood portrayal?
--VERY BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF GROUP'S ACTIVITIES (i.e.: RenFaire, Parade, Re-enactment, nautical events,  etc.)
--GROUP STATUS:  Are you open to new recruits joinin' ya?  Does your crew hire out for events, parties, pillages, and raids?
--GENERAL AREA OF OPERATION:  The waters your crew usually sails in.

NORTHEAST -- (Chesapeake Bay, the Mid-West & New England)

PACIFIC NORTHWEST -- (Oregon, Washington & British Columbia)

SOUTHWEST -- (Calif., AZ, NV, CO, OK & N. Texas)

SOUTHEAST -- (the Carolinas, Florida & the Gulf States)

OUTSIDE OF THE U.S & CANADA. -- (All other countries)


CREWS IN THE NORTHEAST (Chesapeake Bay, New England and the mid-West)

Blackbeard's Crew, Cap'n Pern, Press Gang Master, PMB 130, 5020 Ferrell Pkwy, #205, Virginia Beach, VA 23464.  Points of Contact: Press Gang Master Cap'n Pern  757-435-3812, and Events Master Billy Flynt . Blackbeard's Crew is a living history entertainment group dedicated to the accurate representation of seafaring life in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, specifically 1690-1730. Blackbeard's Crew was founded in the year of our lord 2000 by John Glass aka "The Quartermaster". For the past 7 years we have been active as performers in several events up and down the East Coast of North America. You might have seen us at: The Hampton Blackbeard Festival, Pepsi America Sail, Beaufort,NC, Hampton Bay Days, Norfolk Harborfest, Nauticus, The Mariners Museum, Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament, Jacksonville,FL, The Pungo Pirate Invasion. There are 28 fully active members, who are committed to authentically portraying early 18th century life along the east coast and Chesapeake Bay. We are pirates for hire, raiding events and parties, pillaging small towns or large cities as your doubloons allow.  updated 4/14/07

THE BLACK MAIDEN, Capt. John Ball Teach (aka: Larry Grabinski), 
Portray 16-17th Century fun although emphasis is on Fun. Looking for a crew to call the Shores of Silverleaf Renaissance Faire in Battle Creek, Michigan our homeland... maybe some skullduggery, perhaps a bit of acting, definitely more than a fair amount of indulgence at the Pub! Would be a lot of Privateers willing to give the queen her bit o booty in exchange for safe passage through the glen during the faire. Perhaps a journey or two along the way to the waters of Michigan Renaissance Faire, or others in the Midwest. Maybe consider doing more in terms of parties and events if the crew doesn't mutiny or pillage too many young women and children. New Recruits welcome!    new 8/10/06

THE BLACK ROSE, Captain: Quin Black- "Larry", 48 Lenape Way, Honey Brook, PA 19344, , Boatswain: Mad Charity Rose- "Debbie",  1032 Sunset Street, Trainer, PA, 19061,   We base ourselves in the time period of the 17th - 18th century. And strive to be as historically accurate as we can be. But all in all we strive to have fun.  We are looking to get involved in RenFaires, Parades, Reenactments, historical events, and once we obtain a ship, nautical events. Eventually we would like to take this history into the local schools.  We don't hire out for parties, but we would be interested in just about anything else. Arggg.... plundering and pillaging ye scallywag be our heart's pleasin'. Bring on ye quest for treasure, grog, and fayr wenches.  Were based out of Delaware County, Pennsylvania and it's surrounding area. But are willing to travel for some events. Once we have our ship we will be sailin' the Delaware River out to sea along the Eastern coast.  new 1/28/06

THE BLUE GRYPHON BUCCANEERS,  Captain Briggs (Alan Heeren), 7208 W. 64th St. Sioux Falls, SD 57106 – –  Late 16th to early 17th century. Crewe based off of combination of historic accuracy and a bit o’ Hollywood romance. Several bookings year round. Renaissance festivals, private events, educational institutes and parties.
We are currently expanding our roster from the SD area. Must be at least 18.  If yer garb looks anything like Jack Sparrow’s yer askin’ ta join the wrong crewe, Mate. No Deppians allowed.  Active in Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. “Brotherhood of the Plains”.   new 8/10/06

BUCCANEERS, BRIGANDS & CUTTHROATS,  Steve Boehm, aka Nathaniel "Gute" Morgan, 433 Mystic View Turn, Glen Burnie MD 21061; 410-768-7848:   Portrayin' singin' pyrates from the Golden Age of Pyracy, we try to blend music, humor, a touch of historic authenticity, and the popular image of early 18th Century pyrates. We be primarily interested in singing (strictly amateur) shanties 'n' traditional music, Celtic ballads, 'n' pub tunes. We're available for renfaires, parades, reenactment, events both nautical 'n' naughty, parties, 'n' such. We be lookin' fer like-minded pyrates (male 'n' female) 'n' wenches. Musical talent optional (as ye'll soon learn if ye hear us sing). Pyrates of the Chesapeake we be, plyin' the waters betwixt Washington, Baltimore, 'n' Annapolis.  new 1/28/06

Captain Blackbone’s Crew, Nicholas Williams, 2760 Latonia Ave, Covington, KY, 41015, 859-491-0781, , Captain_Blackbone on, 
17th Century Caribbean pirates such as Blackbeard and Henry Morgan, a good mix of historical and Hollywood, I am also a trained fencer. We have many places and things in the area to do, Ren. Festivals, Lots of parades, and Tall Stacks, which is a nautical festival on the Ohio river held yearly.  Yes we need new recruits. And yes we do hire out.  General area of operations is in Cincinnati and surrounding areas.  updated 3/4/06

CAPTAIN MORRILL'S COMPANY, Bruce Morrill, 512 Salisbury Rd., Franklin, NH, 03235, (603) 934-2616 
We participate in parades, demonstrations, and colonial re-enactments mostly as F&I War or RevWar privateers. We are always looking for members and we hire out and do free benefits as well.  We are based in New Hampshire, but we travel throughout New England looking for prey to plunder.  updated 2/5/07
[Unsolicited praise: 
A few months ago now, I found your site and asked for your help in locating a crew to do a company picnic for us. Through your help, I found myself in contact with Capt. Bruce Morrell and his Company. I must now thank you for this introduction!!!!!!!!!  The Capt and his crew have my highest recommendation. They did a quite excellent job for us. The crew brought an authentic, genuine pirate flair to our affair. They came fully equipped with cannon, grenade and musketry. Their demonstrations were excellent, done with a keen eye on safety and enjoyed by young and old. They happily put together a skirmish for us which was great as well as mingling and entertaining the crowd. We couldn't have been more pleased with them.  Scott Wojtkowiak, 7/26/05]

CONTACT:  T.L. Ullrich,  443-977-8206, 
The most rag-tag band of sailors and mid to late 18th century interpreters ever to grace the Bay. You’ve probably seen us at any number of Pyrate festivals, historic encampments, movies or special events. Now its time to cast your die with us. We are actively recruiting and busy filling our schedules, but we’re always looking for a new event to add to our calendar.  (Formerly the Rumskulls Picaroons).
GENERAL AREA OF OPERATION: South-Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. updated 7/5/09

CLOVEN NEMESIS Ken Warner, 3 Runyon Circle, Hamilton, NJ 08610-4131, Iohne Makfulchiane at - or Captain Ronan Lynceus -   "The Cloven Nemesis is a Pirate Ship Household of the SCA. Our cove is hidden  in the Barony of Carillion of the Kingdom of the East (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania).. Our young crew can be  found pillaging most SCA events in the Barony and Kingdom.  new 9/06/02

Contact:  Sir John Christian Sterling, Captain of The Archangel, (434) 962-9678, 5900 Lexington Lane, Earlysville, VA 22936,, and our website: 
Dedicated to the recreation of the Golden Age of Pyracy, our Living Historians encompass all manner of mariners and civilians of the times. From brave Privateers to the most nefarious Pirates, the great actress of the London stage, to the lowly laundress aboard ship, merchants, lawyers, soldiers, tavern owners, dress makers, hangmen, and children are but a few of what we have to offer a complete example of the lives touched by pirates as they roamed the seven seas.  Utilizing over 50 cumulative years of Public Interaction, the Crewe of the Archangel offers historical preservation through educational entertainment. Our Living History focus attempts to clarify the myths and reality surrounding the Golden Age of Pyracy in ways that are memorable and thought provoking. To present a complete experience, Crewe members incorporate historical dress, accoutrement & activities appropriate to the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Encampments, displays and live demonstration further intrigue audiences. We’ve participated at Midway Village and Museum, Rockford, IL, Pirates in Paradise in Key West, FL, Pirates of Paynetown, Bloomington, IN, Susquehanna Lockhouse Museum's Pirate Encampment, Harve De Grace, MD, Pike River Rendezvous; Kenosha, WI, and Port Washington Pirate Fest, in Port Washington, WI just to name a few.  We are Available for Public & Private Pillaging, Plundering and Bookings! We are also looking for both civilian and seafaring sort.  We attend many living history events in WI, IL, VA, MD, IN and FL.  new 2/12/08

THE DRUNKEN LASS, c/o Seongeona Redd, 2000 Johnston Dr. # 115, Manitowoc, WI 54220-1373.  Email:    Group in Wisconsin, and  surrounding states.  Potential activities: Ren Faires, pirate fests, local events, etc. updated 7/14/06

THE DRUNKEN MARINERS, c/o Michael Hanes aka Captain Morgan Ryan MacAnthony aka Cappy aka Da Kept'n; 1136 Carole Court, Weddington, NC 28104-6087. (704-847-6030); email ;  Our fine crew of Scoundrels and Pirates spend much of the year scattered across ports from Oregon to Indiana to New England to the Carolinas, getting together in small groups, meetings, and events throughout the period. However, every fall we all embark upon a Grand Voyage to the Kingdom of Aethelmarc and the Pennsic War (an SCA event) to come together in Pyrate Bond to cruise, make merry, and plunder with reckless abandon. While we do not yet participate in any official events, parades, and the like we are always open to joining in an offer to sail with other crews. We are also often in the company of our Rom brethren, Gypsies Clans of Ven Droma and Painted Wheel.  new 3/25/06

Contact:  Merrydeath Angel,  319-415-3133
Our goal is more fun then factual but we also have knowledge of the historical aspects of piracy, 1700's British. We have participated with Port Washington 2006 and 2007 (and 2008), Osh Kosh Museum event 2005, Amana Fest 2007 (and 2008), Cedar Rapids Theater event 2006.  We are looking for able bodied souls who want to educate and have fun with all ages. We are also looking for fests, faires, and functions that need a bit of colour to add to their event in the midwest. Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and parts of Nebraska. new 3/2/08

FREE MEN OF THE SEA, c/o N.J. Kirk, 51 Chestnut Hill Rd., East Hampton, CT 06424 (860) 267-8447. Email: ,. Capt. Kidd and his crew re-creating the Golden Age of Pyracy in colonial America.  updated 7/15/11

GREAT LAKES RIVERS PIRATES (aka Notorious River Rogues): c/o Cap'n Brian McCrary, 612 N. 5th St., Niles, MI 49120 (269) 683-3320 or email - . The Great Lakes River Pirates are outfitting for many ventures and has room for a few stout hands. No Prey ~ No Pay ............ Portraying, River Rogues, Smugglers, Highwaymen and Wenches in the Great Lakes Region 1700-1798 . The G.L.R.P is a living history group formed, to promote interest in the Great Lakes Region during the 18th century. We attend many living history events in MI, IL, OH, IN using Pirogues, Batteau and Dory as our main form of travel, if interest contact the Cap'n.  updated 10/29/07

HALF MOON MARAUDERS: 845-721-5202.
Captain Browne and the crew of the Black Star of the North give you permission to come aboard! We are portraying historical pirates from the Golden Age of Piracy. Our land based operation is located in the Hudson Valley Region of New York, and we are looking for more crew to go on the account with us. Click on our link to start the adventure, or contact the Quartermaster at (845)707-4521. Hold tight to the rigging!   updated 2/26/09

THE HARLOT'S VIRTUE:  Dave Neville, 2508 Ashurst Rd., University Hts.,  Ohio, 44118. Email:    We portray pirates and buccaneers from the Golden Age of Piracy (1680-1725). We do not necessarily strive for historical accuracy, but also do not discourage it. We are a Pirate Variety Act based out of Cleveland Ohio. Our members all share a love of music, sword-fighting, history, comedy and of course, pirates. We attend local RenFaires, Tall Ship Events, and Living History Events. We are currently on the look-out for new members. Musical/acting and/or combat experience a plus, but by no means a requirement. We are available for private and public events of all kinds. We operate out of Cleveland Ohio.    new 10/12/07

KINGS OF THE COAST – Interactive Pirate Adventure, Long Island, NY. Contact: Heath Cohen @ (631) 355-3789 or online at  (website under construction).  The Kings of the Coast would love to welcome ye aboard! We are an interactive pirate show and not a re-enactment group. However, we enjoy costuming in an authentic manner that blends period-accuracy and function with the common “romantic” perception. Comprised mainly of pirate enthusiasts and professional actors, BlackSpot Productions’ touring show, ‘Kings of the Coast’, entertains at festivals and private events in and around New York with entirely original songs, storyline, musical underscore, and, of course, plenty of sword, cannon, and gun-play –that’s just the lead-in to unearthing the buried treasure! We also produce an annual theatrical Halloween haunted-pirate-experience, “Cursed CoveTM”. While auditions are required, please know that a high level of energy, commitment, and desire to be part of something very special goes a long way (must be over 16+ y/o and have transportation). updated 10/31/10

LAKESHORE PARROTHEAD CLUB - PYRATES OF THE INLAND SEAS:  Contact persons - Tom Riggs, , 231-843-9213 Phil Riggs, , 231-845-6824 P.O. Box 464, Ludington, MI 49431.  We do community service projects and fundraising for organizations such as the Alzheimer's Association, Salvation Army, child Abuse prevention, etc. We also have monthly meetings (check website for location and times) we participate in local parades, work on our Pyrate ship float, bring bands and entertainment to the area and generally have a good time.  Our area is the Ludington, Michigan area. Which includes Mason county and vicinity.  new 1/5/07

THE MARITIME PIRATES, P.O. Box 863, Southold, NY 11971, (631) 765-6235.  Contact:  Jamie Davis a.k.a. Pirate Captain James Hobart,   Professional Theatrical Company involved with maritime festivals, museums and film options. All original cast. Time periods are all encompassing. We are the good guys & gals!  Pirate Headquarters is located in Greenport, Long Island, New York. Not far from Gardiner's Island where Captain Kidd laid down his treasure! Audition information hereupdated 9/27/07

MERRICK'S PRIVATEERS, c/o Joe Marek,6408 Waterloo RD Columbia, MD 21045, Ph: 301-924-4895.  Portraying pyrates from late 17th Century thru early 18th Century. Group consists mostly of seasoned historical re-enactors.   DelMarVa area, but will travel!   updated 6/21/09

THE MOODY CREWE, Histories & Haunts, Inc. P.O. Box 5372 Virginia Beach, VA 23471,, pirates for hire based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Representing the crew of Christopher Moody, the pirate who operated off the sourtheast coast of North America in the early 1700's.   Parties, Fundraising, Special events, educational programs.  updated 10/10/09

THE OUTLANDERS: Kalum or Shaelyn:  or Address: 105 St Andrews Drive, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234.  The Outlanders are seekin' out new crew and alliances to join up with us for SCA events, Renaissance Faires, Pirate Fests, Conventions and other invasions of a fun nature! We're located currently on the shores of Southern New Jersey, but travel quite a bit to pillage and plunder events in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York! Whether it be at our annual pilgrimage to Pennsic War, a close by Ren Faire, Pirate Event or just our favorite local pub you can find us out and about someplace! updated 5/21/06

PIRATE CREW OF THE VALHALLA, Dr Charles T Waldron aka Capt Charles W Black, 107 River Ave, Pt Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742, (732) 899-8973, 
Email:  A new crew recreating the Golden Age of Piracy 1650-1750, currently welcoming new recruits.  Plan to invade ren and pirate faires, parades, and Re-enactments.  Jersey shore, Ocean/Monmouth counties.   updated 8/12/06

The Pirates and Buccaneers of the Resurrection
Contact: Lady Barbossa (Stacy Rinner),,   (319)461-2627; 402 E. Jefferson St, Washington, IOWA 52353
We are a group of historical fiction pirates and buccaneers based in the upper Midwestern states utilizing historical realism between 1680 to 1770 mixed with pirate lore, sea myths, Hollywood legend and novel fiction. Demonstrating duties and activities aboard a ship or in an encampment such as mending sails, navigation, daily logs and more. Enjoy some carousing or business while in Port and try to stay out of trouble but most likely will be caught in some tavern brawl or arrested for piracy. You may spot the Crew in a careening camp roasting meat and attempting to sell goods from the most recent prize. Perhaps some in the crew will even convert you into becoming a pirate with our crew! We are sure to dazzle and amaze ye if not frighten ye to run the other direction swiftly! One simply may never know what will happen or who they will meet with the Resurrection. Invading or setting up camp at Pirate Festivals, Reenactments, historical gatherings, movie openings, etc. Seeking willing and able men and women willing to get yo’r hands dirty, be active and most importantly have fun! If this appeals to ye, the sign Articles and join the crew of the Resurrection! Sailin’ the not-so-tropical waters of Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota

PIRATES OF THE DARK ROSE, Tom Crudbeard, 122 Camden St., Rockport, Maine 04856, 207-975-6517, 
East Coast festivals, cutlass, blackpowder cannons, encampments,  with a 57 foot pirate vessel, the gaff topsail yawl Must Roos.  updated 7  /12/08

THE PIRATE’S OF THE DRUNKEN FERRET, Capt Mad Molly Mudd,, is the leader of the The Pirates of the Drunken Ferret. We are a loose conglomeration of 17th -18th century pirates. Even though we may not be entirely historically accurate, we still look pretty good. Currently we ply our trade aboard the Clipper City, a 158’ 200-ton schooner, in the Baltimore Inner Harbor ( ). We perform pirate sails on Thursdays and Saturdays sailing from the Inner Harbor out towards Fort McHenry. Our show consists of sword fights, sing alongs, huge amounts of cannon fire and various other sorts of mischief and mayhem. We are also available for outside events and are often seen at the MD Ren Fest and various other pirate functions in the area. Jovial pirates who enjoy having fun are always welcome to join the crew.  new 7/14/06

PIRATES OF THE THIRD COAST, Old White Tim "Cap Tim of the coast", 404 Eaton Dr. Northville, Mi 48167 - 1310, email:  We do re-enacting and just hang out and have fun. We haunt the rivers and coast line of Michigan. Lower Michigan - Greater Detroit area and points south. new 2/16/04

Plankhouse Crew
Contact Persons – Marie Horn (610) 357-6724, Michael Manerchia (610) 587-7409, Joel Keener (484) 433-6599 or
Scope of Portrayal: Golden Age of Piracy – Not strict adherence to historical accuracy but not Hollywood either. We’re a fun love’n bunch. Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania was home to Margaret, alleged mistress of the notorious Blackbeard. Her house still stands built in the late 1600’s or early 1700’s (archeologists are currently studying the structure). This is the 4th Blackbeard site of record and is mentioned in the book “The last days of Blackbeard the Pirate” by Kevin Duffus.
Group’s activities: We are a new forming pirate crew portraying the period. We present the local history to schools, Historical Societies and just about anyone who will listen. We Ren Faires, Parades, out-state events and our own First Annual Pirate Festival.
Group Status: New group, recruiting is open (check website for online application). We are for hire
General area of operation: Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina…and horizons yet unchartered.  new 2/16/04

PYRATE BRETHREN c/o John Macek, 8040 Watermill Court, Elkridge, Md, 21075, (410) 799-1312, email Relive the Golden Age of Piracy. If you are interested in reenacting pirates from the 1690s to 1720s, we'd be interested in hearing from you. Our "ship" currently plies the waters of the Chesapeake with a crew from Maryland and Virginia. Step on up and make your mark in our book. updated 4/26/04

PYRATES OF THE CRIMSON BLADE: Captain Elizabeth Laureate (alias Elizabeth Patience) Email: , Pyrates of the Crimson Blade C/O Elizabeth Patience 25 Walton St. Alexandria Bay, NY 13607 (315) 482-7116.  Pyrates of the Crimson Blade be of no particular time period. We ask that among your personal effects upon signing on ye bring the desire for fun n adventure.  During the Summer months, the Crimson Blade plans to have landing parties and forays to The Sterling Renaissance Faire (Sterling, NY), and Bill Johnston's Pirate Days (Alexandria Bay, NY). In the Fall n Winter months the Crimson Pirates be gatherin’ once a month in Alexandria Bay, NY.  The Crimson Blade takes any n all who needs more pirating in there blood than be normally afforded by the corporate lubbers we work for. Children of pyrates be welcome, too. The 'Powder Monkeys' are part of the crew just as the rest, and we plan events where BOTH can play. There be, on occasion landing parties to taverns where wee grommets should not attend. We welcome any groups or individuals interested or affiliated with reenactments too. Musicians are welcome and needed as well, if ye can play a jig.  Sailing the waters off Alexandria Bay, New York and any destination we sees fit to land in.   updated 10/12/07

RAIDERS OF THE NORTH SHORE on the Ship Nightshade: Captain Mad Dog MacRea (aka David Ray), PO Box 732, Burton, OH, 44021, Ph 440-533-5933. , Quartermaster David Eubank, Ph 440-479-7349,   Late 1600's to early 1700's, we strive to stay away from Hollywood stereotypes.  We raid and pillage renfaires, parades, and festivals.  We are looking to expand to do work with children teaching of the hsitory of pirates.  We are currently recruiting new crew members.  We sail the waters of the North Shore(Ohio, W. PA, MI).  All we ask for is a crew that wants to learn and have fun.   new 2/14/07

Recreating History
Contact Persons ­ Joel T. Keener, President (484) 433-6599 Linda Kay Jennings, Events Coordinator, 
Recreating History, Inc. is a select group of talented, diverse, historical enthusiasts who have come together for a common goal; to recreate historical events in accurate and fictional performances that extend primarily from the 16th to the 18th century to a wide array of audiences. We are dedicated to the idea that Living History is an exciting and effective form of education. Our members make up a professional diorama of disciplines that cover an extensive portfolio of experience and expertise. We're a new group, We are for hire. General areas of operation: Southern Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina.   new 10/31/10


REVERED ORDER OF PIRATES AND ROGUES, c/o Sam Naibauer (Kaptain Sam), 203 Laurel Lane, Smithfield, VA, 23430, (757) 365-0770, A society of freebooters, rogues and scallywags.  New crew just starting up in the Tidewater area of Virginia.  updated 1/7/05

316-282-3762 313 East Fifth, Newton, Ks. 67114
    We are a pirate stage troupe based out of Newton, Ks.  We have been performing pirate shows for over 10 years. We do Renaissance faires, School functions, pirate events, museums and much much more. We are always looking for new talented members to help perform over a dozen stage shows at multiple festivals.  new 3/26/06

THE SCURVVY DAWGS:  Christopher Reeves, 406b Wisconsin Ave Waukesha WI 53186, (262) 366-1808, 
Avast me hardies we plunder and pillage the Great Lakes area at ren faires, festivals, fundraisers and private shows. We are a pirate comedy, living history troupe founded in the year of our Lord 2004. Our home port be that of Waukesha Wisconsin. Wenchin and generally havin a piratin good time with a touch of history, class and information coupled with improv, comedy, weapons demonstrations and singing pirate shanties. We are always looking for a few salty souls to join the crew of the Bloody Keel.  Area of operation: The Great Lakes area and Illinois  new 7/10/04

THE SEA WITCH: c/o Captain Sylence "The Siren" Campbell, PO box 1242 McAfee, NJ 07428,  We are active in the Ren-Faire circle, and are signed up with the Privateers guild there.  We are based out of the New York Ren faire but have members in NC, CA, NY, NJ, etc.  new 2/9/04

SHIPS COMPANY & LANDING PARTY: Captain John Currier, 26 Shamrock Drive, Warwick, RI 02886, 401-738-3225. 18th century privateers from Rhode Island, movie credits include "Hidden History of Pirates", "Battle of Gunston Hall", "History of the American Revolution" and several local promos. Gun crew aboard the continental sloop PROVIDENCE, proud owners of an authentic 18 foot longboat that is used to terrorized the East coast. Sailing the waters of New England/Narragansett Bay. E-mail:   updated 3/16/05

Skullduggery Crew:
 c/o Kenny Miller a.k.a Crimson Corsair,  or 410-988-2319
A Baltimore, MD based historically inspired crew of pirates and buccaneers of the Late Golden Age to the 1812 era. We are ready to raid Pirate Festivals and Fairs and other events in the MD, VA, PA area. We have black powder weapons and a 1/3 scale 6 pounder cannon. We specialize in encampments for overnight events and historical aspects of ship and pirate living.    new 10/8/08

YE PYRATE BROTHERHOOD: Daniel Overin (631)334-2413   info@yepyratebrotherhood  If you live in the Long Island, N.Y. area and are a Pyrate at heart or have a desire to be a Buccaneer; well consider getting in touch with us. We are a band of 17th century pyrates that cross the line between re-enactors and entertainers. We supply a "piratical presence" to many types of events, for both non-profit fund raisers and for profit organizations. Ye Pyrate brotherhood has been unearthing treasure's at fairs, festivals, lighthouses, and museums for over a decade with the aid of small and large pyrate recruits in the land of Captain's Kidd and Jones. If this appeals to the pyrate in you, contact either our boatswain, Lucky Lacy @ 631-375-7451 or our quartermaster, Liam La Croix @ 516-680-6069. You may also email us at . Visit our websites at  and .   updated 11/30/07

CREWS IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST (Oregon, Washington, and Western Canada)

(Website is temporarily offline)
Contact: Brian Nix aka Conner O'Dae, 338 Glenmore Rd., North Kelowna, BC, V1V 2C7, Canada (250)317-4170. Email:  
Primarily focusing on 16th and 17th century privateering through naval reenactment, etc.. Currently, working with the SCA but may attend ren faire etc. as the interest arises and membership grows. Our most interesting aspect is Project Brigantine . . . the creation of 8ft and 10ft one/two man Brigs for miniaturized naval combat. We are looking for privateers of all ages to join in the fun!!!  We are based in British Columbia, Canada at the heart of the beautiful Okanagan. updated  3/29/10

Contact:  BlackHeart "KUDA" (Nena Bragazzi), P. O. Box 14764, Tumwater, WA 98511, 360-556-8661,,
    We be a bit different than some... We strive to bring Pirates, Buccaneers, Privateers and all who have a lil' flavor for Pillagin' & Plunderin' or are just a bit curious about these alternate lifestyles together... to have some new Brethren and "Bring out your Inner Pirate". Ye' must be knowin' that Everybody Loves Pirates!!! We will be gathering and having meet-ups all over Washington, Oregon, California & be visitin' even a bit farther across the states. There's Parades, Festivals, Faires and many A Port to be Raidin' & fans to entertain. This is an opportunity to meet many people who just want to play out their Fantasy life (whatever it may be) for just a bit and gather at some of the Most Beautiful and Absolutely Fabulous places along the Puget Sound Coastline for Fun & Frolic. Pirates clash swords and Wenches swoon. Cannons be a roarin’ & our Flintlocks be a’firin’.
    Ye' be "Swashin' yer buckles & Bucklin' your Swashes" as you "Pillage & Plunder" with this lot of "Scallywags". So if ye' thinks ye have a lil’ Pirate in yer' blood. Be ready to "Set Sail"” If water meets land Ye' best be lookin' fer us." We always be lookin' fer new mates along de’ way..You can join us Pillagin' and Plunderin' in the Puget Sound Waters, and all Ports of Call therein. Come Play Fer' the Day...or Play Forever! Check out our 27 FT. Pirate Ship...She's A Beauty! SO CHECK US OUT!
    Need A Pirate ??? Please contact for more details... BlackHeart KUDA Check out our YAHOO Groupsite to view the calendar for the upcoming year. New 1/14/10

Contact: Luc the Lucky (Shuhe) or Margot La Mechante (Kate), Address: 3120 S.W. Malcolm Ct. Portland, OR 97225 - Our phone number for booking or information: 503-292-3418, 
"Seeing as how there is now an over-abundance of “Noble” guilds on the Ren Faire circuit these days, about three years ago we decided to become a privateer/pyrate group, and have named ourselves the Brotherhood Of Oceanic Mercenaries *or BOOM* for short.  We are based in Portland OR and we are a black-powder pirate group.  We currently have 4 cannon to our name, along with a smattering of small arms as well.  We have called our ship The Emerald Rose.  Not only do we provide black powder cannon and gunnery shows but have an array of singers, dancers, musicians, jugglers, comedians and anything you can hope for in your piratical dreams! (within reason that is!)  We are also currently recruiting for crew *don’t let the name fool you, we take ladies too… * well… you know what I mean .. arrgh."  updated 5/19/06

Contact: Quartermaster Daire aka Elli Gull,  (360) 378-2806 days/msg or email
Group in the San Juan Islands, WA. Interests include black powder, edged weapons, local parades, music, sailing, and travel to events pertaining to these activities. Focus may shift and develop based on members' participation, but we will definitely be more concerned with doing things and having fun (being pirates) than on strict historical reproduction (acting like pirates). Individuals or crews in Western Washington or British Columbia feel free to contact us.  updated  2/21/02

Based in Eugene, Oregon, the HMCA is a society of students and practitioners of personal maritime combat (both historical and theatrical) of the 17th to 19th centuries. Weapons include cutlass, sabre, boarding axe, pike, knife, and belaying pin. With instructors in Oregon, Michigan and Maryland, the HMCA offers classes in cutlass, sabre, boarding axe, tomahawk and bowie knife and plans to expand to bayonet and black powder work as well.  Students/ instructors in maritime combat weaponry for both historical / theatrical application. Demos will be performed by "pirate" or nautically attired actors/students.  Primarily in Oregon, with other instructors available in both Michigan and Maryland. For membership, classes or further general information contact Gareth Thomas new 5/9/05

INTERNATIONAL PIRATES: All over N. Amer. & Caribbean
Contact: Intl Pirates, Seattle Chapter, c/o Bert (Hornblower) Bertram, 1217 151st Place N.E., Bellevue, WA 98007. (425) 747-7884.  updated 2/5/05

Contact: Captain Emryss Selene Morgana De Valicourt, PO Box 2265, Shelton, WA, 98584, 360-229-0600
Scope of Portrayal:  The Golden Age of Piracy ... give or take a century or two. Combining historical accuracy while enjoying dressing as the classic depiction of "a pirate".
Activities:  Tall ship festivals, schools, parades, Make-a-Wish, pirate faires, renaissance faires, SCA events, etc. Meeting for costuming, persona development; learning history and lore, the ships and weapons; about the cultures and histories of our various 'ports of call;, journaling our adventures. Taking on crew of strong character and a sense of honour with a willingness to learn and to follow orders in accordance with the ship's Articles. Also open to forming alliances with fellow sea rovers. Written correspondence is encouraged, as it is in keeping with the time of portrayal.
Home/current port:  South Puget Sound area and the Olympic Pennisula.
Also:  Organizing "Hoist the Colours!" a registry of pirate flags. Contact Capt. Morgana for further information.
new 8/16/10

Contact: William Koutrouba (Capt. Bill) 253-332-0377 or 360-446-2575, Diana Martin (Lark the Bard) 253-332-4253, or Dotty (well, she is) 253-370-9905.
    Our crew be encouraging more of a fantasy aspect, rather than strict adherence to a time period. We originally started out with a storyline taking place in Neverland, beginnin' when Captain Hook were defeated by Peter Pan. The Pirate Ship was renamed Son of the Morning Star and the crew of Lost Boys (AND GIRLS!) play at pirating and fighting (SCA and stage combat style. We're all about laughter, singing and we'll never grow up. We be havin' a real ship that's 35 feet long; atop a Winnebago chassis with three decks and a sound system. Also real cannons which we fire off with black powder during some festivals and parades.
    The LostBoys crew be a non-profit organization, doing public appearances at festivals, parades, children’s hospitals, senior living facilities, Puyallup’s Spring Fair and we be the only and official “Pirate” entertainment group at the City of Tacoma’s Fourth of July Freedom Festival, where we run the children’s activities area “Pirate Cove”, teach songs and perform Peter Pan based skits.
    We are happy to hire out for just about any event…be it a movie opening or a corn maze. We're appreciatin' it when we be getting a donation for our efforts from the sponsor and we ask for to put out a “keg” to collect from the attendees who are inclined to give themselves. Most of all, we love entertaining children, giving out beads and toys…all of which are donated by our members. We also be happy to welcome new members! and encourage any actors, singers, dancers, America’s Got Talent rejects or anyone with piratical ambitions to join in. We are needin' everyone from mechanics to cooks, we’ll even take a lawyer or two! Guests are welcome and can “paaarrty” with us at any time. Our meetings are family friendly.
    The Captain be livin' in Rainier, Washington, where we dock our ship (float). We have many members from the surrounding community, Yelm, Roy and Olympia, plus from far-flung lands such as Issaquah, Seattle, and Tacoma. The waters our crew usually sails in? If we use the boat/float, we try to limit the sailin' (driving) to the South Sound area…Tacoma to Olympia. We will put in personal appearances anywhere you pay us to show up! What, PAY? Hello…pirates! We’re a pretty good bargain right now and will accept stipends and donations to community service organizations.  updated 5/30/10

Ocean Shores Pirates
Contact: Sharon Abrahamson (Jaws), 838 NE 80th St, Seattle, WA 98115. Email address:  or website address:
We participate in parades with our three ships, (the Black Rose with cannons ablaze, the Goodship Lollypop for our little pirates in training, and the Rose Bud , the smallest of our fleet) and generally just have a good time being pirates.  8/2/10

Contact:  pdxpirate-owner<at>
Raid and event calendar for Pyrate re-enactors, SCA pirates, and other motley crews from the Willamette Valley of Oregon to Tacoma, WA (some Seattle events). Monthly newsletter, low volume e-mail list with raid
alerts. new 10/18/08

Pirates of the Pacific the "Original" Black Diamond Pirates
Contact: Quartermaster Black Widow, ph: 360-470-8257, e-mail:  
 We are a piratical gathering of Rouges and Wenches located in Washington State. We strive to be historical re-creators during the golden age of piracy, recreating, for the enjoyment of all, an era of a"time gone by". You can find our family friendly crew entertaining the masses with our black powder displays, sword fighting, shanties, and games for children at many a venue, such as Faires, Festivals, Weddings, Schools, Hospitals and Charity events. Most of our crew have many years of piratical hi-jinx under our baldrics and we are proud to state "We are a non profit, family friendly group". If you would like information about joining the "FINEST CREW TA EVER PILLAGE A VILLAGE", or if you be needin a pirate, we bring piratitude to any event! Though we do like treasure, sometimes good food and a place to hang our baldrics be a fine trade fer our services, contact us for more information! new 10/31/10

Contact: Sue Ramey aka Moneybags Spankette, P.O. Box 1640, Everett, WA, 98206.  (206) 930-4702
Personal appearances, parades, children's charities.   updated 1/22/08

Contact:  Brian Beaulac. Capt of the Crimson Star,
2241 S. 292nd St., Federal Way, Washington, 98003-3822
Phone:  253-347-1456
Pirate reenacting group doing live black powder shows, sword fighting/whip displays/shows, living hisotry displays and pirate games for kids.  Reenactors, 1500-1730; in WA/OR/ID/CA/UT/ and Canada;   new 7/16/08

Rusty Scupper Pirates of Westport Washington
Captain Tide Flats: 360-268-9133
Holder of the Treasure Chest Barbarosa: 360-267-0275
PO Box 2637
Westport, WA. 98595
Our main objective is to promote Rusty Scupper Pirate Daze usually held the last weekend of June. We also do other charity work, "Santa by the Sea" in December, adopting a family or two at Christmas, birthday parties, and we also have our ship's orchestra, performing at various functions upon request. We sail the waters of Grays Harbor, appearing in parades in Westport, Tokeland, Aberdeen, Montesano and Ocean Shores. We be an eclectic group of pirates, some period, some "wiggles" pirates. We're in it for the fun, extremely family oriented. If'n yer able to laugh n have a good time entertaining kids, we be welcoming you with open arms.  new 5/29/08

Contact:  Seafair Pirates, PO Box 30674, Greenwood Stn., Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 728-0123 x130
An entertaining crew of about 40, highlight of the Seattle SeaFair since 1950. updated 10/22/00

Contact: c/o Captain John Youngblood, email:  
Skull & Thistle is a semi-historical theatrical pirate "group for hire". We are a gathering of Gentlemen Pirates, Rogues, lady Pirates & WEnches hailing from the greater Portland/SW Washington area. We perform song, comedy, dance & swashbuckling fun for all ages! We have performed at parades, libraries, schools & fundraisers, events & festivals. We portray the years 1680-1780, and hold classes and workshops.  We are currently hiring as we do not yet have a full crew!  We welcome new firnedws and alliances.  new 11/1/10

Contact:  Captain Lazloe ( Ken Slack ) - 6493 hiway 291 Nine Mile Falls, Washington, 99026 –
We are a historically based privateering group portraying the time periods between early renaissance ( 1500’s ) and the golden age of pyracy (1700’s ) We can be seen throughout the Pacific Northwest at such events as the Northwest Renaissance Festival, Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire, local parades, and our very own Pyrate revels. New recruits are always welcome, we are available to do any event or party where pyrates are needed. Our main theatre of operation is the Spokane Washington area but we are always available to travel throughout the Northwest and anywhere else we are needed.  new 2/5/07  


CREWS IN THE SOUTH WEST (California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma & N. Texas)

Contact:  Capt. Dunn,
  updated 9/10/10

Contact:  Captain Leo Blackheart aka L. Dillie 480-220-6949,
We incorporate all matter of piracy in everything we do, for the enjoyment of ourselves and the general public.  Crew trips to national and local events includings Ren Fairs, the SCA, and science fiction and fantasy conventions.  Check our websites for what were doing and sign up in the forum for b-weekly newsletters.  Phoenix Metropolitan Area, AZ, SW.  updated 3/17/07

Contact:  Capt.Aries Thunderskull, aka R. Christ, 601 N. Hayden Rd. #136, Scottsdale, AZ. 85257, (480) 233-1621,
Off the shores of Arizona, pestering the S.C.A., Science Fiction Conventions, and havin' outrageous parties at any given time, for no apparent reason!  updated  4/30/07

Contact:  Jeremy Sabian or Yvette Fosco-Mcgowan, 2942 Sherwin Ave., Ventura, CA 93003,  (Yvette) or  (Jeremy). The Black Gryphon is a comedy, improv group that specializes in renaissance piracy. We work the smaller renaissance faires and occasionally other special events.  Mostly Southern California with the rare Northern California event. new 5/13/03

The Black Hearted Buccaneers
CONTACT: Capt. Montgomery Shaw, Email : 
We are a living history pirate guild. We reenact the life’s of a buccaneer crew from the 1680-1715 time period. Historical accuracy is very important. We will be doing pirate fairs and events at museums. We are a new group, and are looking for crew.  Santa Barbra California is our home port. new 3/17/11

Contact:  Lance Jones: (619)520-7483 or (619)303-4541,
We bring the Golden Age of Piracy to the unsuspecting public through fun and education at select Southern California renaissance faires.  We are open to new crew, whether it be a pirate, a wench, or powder monkey.  You can usually find us in the San Diego area harassing the locals.   new  1/12/08

The Buccaneers of the CoastChristopher Fort aka Captain Bad Ivan, 918-360-3317,

Renaissance Festival Pirate Crew based out of the Castleton Wharf at the Castle of Muskogee Renaissance Festival in Muskogee, Oklahoma weekends in May.
Looking at signing articles for new crew members.  new 7/13/06

Southern California
Our crew accurately recreates the merriment and mischief by singing and dancing to sea shanties songs of long ago. They re-enact brawls, duels, and sword fights and do battle with authentic weapons of the age; cutlasses, firing black powder flintlocks and blunderbuss. When debts are in need of payment they may hold their signature wench and cabin boy auctions to settle their differences. Anyone can be a part of their mutinous crew and find out what it means to be issued their dreaded BLACK SPOT. A calling card that is reserved for the wickedest or the unluckiest of their crews or it could be given to YOU!
Members include:  Armand Bordeaux de La Garde, Jules Evermore, Stormy Seas, Piranha Swann Kidd, John Marinus, Brea Tar, Elijah Cutter, Mary Purser, Bastard Bob, Mystic Molly, Stynky Tudor, Gil the Fishin Sea Dog, Mariah Myth, Commodore Doku, “Jamaica” Rose Barton, Michael MacLeod, Sunny Jim McSquee, Sweet Meg, and MORE.  
For Bookings contact: 818 554-6645
Visit us at: 
Join our Yahoo Group Site at: 
new listing 9/27/08

Inland Empire area, S. California.   Contact the Capt. at or the Quartermaster at, or ask for Connor OR Damashi (Capt & QT) at 909-799-9004
The Crew of La Villa A Broka.  1670's Corsairs (French Privateers) of the Barbary Coast.  SCA group, Kingdom of Caid (Dreiburgen).   Also historical re-creations and black powder demos.  No experience necessary, just a love of history.  updated 8/27/02

Bizmalah Delmar, 611 Meadow Green Ct. SE,  Albuquerque, NM, 87123
We have monthly meetings and attend SCA events and other Ren events. We study rapier, archery and period medical practices. For those that would like to sign on, they can contact us at: , or call 505-323-2271. updated 10/5/05

CREW OF THE DIRTY ROTTEN OAR, Maria Berry,4005 Fairfax St. Napa, CA 94558, PH:  707-265-9556.   16th Century Irish Sea Rovers, portraying Granie O'Malley & Crew at Ren Faires & Celtic Events, also Storybook Pirates at pirate events, parades & festivals.  Northern CA Pirate and Renaissance Faires. Email:  new 1/2/05

 THE DARK BROTHERHOOD, contact: The Red Blade,  Blades, rums, wenches, and one eye open at all times (the one under the patch!).  Only open to black belt martial artists (their friends) with a referral from an existing member. Operating area:  The Seven Seas, but headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area.   new 9/6/04

THE ERRANT VENTURE: Capt. Thomas BonaVenture, P.O. Box 2442, Florence, AZ. 85232, (520) 252-7095,  We portray a mixed group of 15th-16th century Pirates sailing the SCAdian seas of perpetuity.  We are all active members of the SCA, and call the Shire of Granholme in the kingdom of Atenveldt (our home).  We are always looking for new crew to sign aboard.  Sailing the waters of Arizona.  new 1/2/07

H.M.S. DRACONUS: c/o Richard Passmore (aka Lord Capt. Sq. Horatio Merriweather) 108 Dogwood St., Henderson, NV. 89015, (702) 558-9077. Re-enacting/living history group out of Las Vegas, with the Adrian Empire; which is a national re-enacting group, like the SCA, that portrays the years 1150-1603. 

STRANGLEHOLD: Captain Syn (aka Dennis Hanon), (858) 549-3103,  The Stranglehold is a San Diego based reenactment group dedicated to the presentation of pirate life at Renaissance Fairs and themed events in Southern California. While we cannot promise you the thrill of a sea voyage, we can promise you a fun experience as a member of the Stranglehold’s crew or ample entertainment when we appear at your themed event.  updated 6/13/11

HOUSE DETERIOATTAContact Doku, First Mate at , 323-227-4997  Alternative website 
Los Angeles & Orange County, Southern California.  Member meetings/fighting practice nearly every Tuesday at 8ish p.m.  House Deterioatta is comprised of various raiding personas through the  ages, as the Society for Creative Anachronism will allow. No experience is necessary for the "second oldest profession in the world,"  as House Deterioatta is a unique piratical group of the SCA west of the Pennsic War, nestled in downtown Caid. We are the longest running ACTIVE heavy-fighting, non-politico household  with pirate origin personas. Accept no substitutes!  updated  2/28/05

THE IRON LOTUS, Captain Duncan MacNamara, 820 W. Locust, Tecumseh, OK 74873, (405) 598-0684,    Our crew exists primarily within the SCA in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. We like to have fun primarily, but we also research naval history and arts. Our Crew has Cannon and Gunnery drills, we practice Nautical arts and sciences, and Nautical-themed bardic. Outside the SCA, we attend various Ren faires, perform in Parades and other Festivals.  We are open to new members by interest or invite. Our new member program is a relatively lenient one. We're open to the possibility of performing for non-SCA events and parties. Area of Operation: Oklahoma  updated 8/08/05

THE LADIES OF THE SALTY KISS: Captain Emerald Shaunassey aka Kittye Williams; Creator, Owner & Manager, 31428 S Hwy 82, Vinita, Ok 74301. . 918-244-1886, .  All female privateer crew portraying Crown Privateers from Tudor Era through Golden Age of Piracy. We strive for a combination of historical accuracy and historical believability as events demand. 
Primarily perform comedy stage shows at Renaissance Festivals but also provide historical information and "color" to school assemblies, movie promotions, summer reading programs and a host of other events. Looking to branch out into complete historical re-enactments. Open to a limited number of female participants (there are only so many slots on the crew). Available for hire for most any event, within reason.  South Central Mid-West; from Iowa to Southern Texas but, range is widening.  new 7/8/05

THE LION'S SHARE: Quin Hinrichs, aka Captain Meg Killagrew, at (480)688-1016 or mail to 698 North Washington Street, Chandler AZ 85225.
Email:    Renaissance Festival performers turned pirates (ahem, I mean 'privateers')combining historical re-enactment, improv acting, crowd interaction, singing, and comedy for performance at Ren faires and any other types of events that will have us. We portray a broad period: anywhere between 1500 and 1800. We are based in Chandler, Arizona, and perform around the state, even out of state. We are currently pressing (eh -- ahem -- make that 'recruiting') new crew members of all ages and experience levels.  updated 5/8/05

NAVAL HISTORICAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION:  Phil Willms, 949-300-5616,  Founded 2001 at the launching of the Lynx in Maryland.  Home base Newport Beach Ca.  Time period 1776 to 1812.  We re enact historically correct American Navy rev-war, British Navy press gangs , war of 1812 and Blackbeards last battle . We perform at tall ship festivals like the Toshiba tall ship festival,Dana Point, CA.  We work between Oxnard Ca and San Diego , We will also be doing some special events in other locals.  We have 3 period correct 18 ft jollyboats all with bow swivel cannon. We also have three 6 lb cannon on naval Carriages. All our props and clothing is period correct.  Local movie companies have also rented our equipment.  We are always looking for new recruits. If you are interested please contact us.    new 2/20/07

THE PIRATES OF NEW PROVIDENCE, Captain Devon Morgan Davidson, 569 Eastmoor Dr. Grand Jct. CO 81504.  (970)523-7841,  Email: . Historyical Education, Theater group of the late 1600's. Expeditions to Ren faires and other piratical places where others of our ilk lay in. We will parlay with any other pirates that we happen across in our travels. ( and tell them the ravings of the Captains lunatic mind) - updated 5/9/05

THE PIRATES OF ROGUES COVE : Captain Robert Jeremiah Riggs (a.k.a. Troy Schniderman) 8704 Magnolia Ridge, Las Vegas, NV 89134, (702) 434-5070. Email:  (A re-enactors group, based in Las Vegas, Nevada) plyin' our trade at Renaissance fairs and Nautical events throughout So.  California, Nevada, Arizona, & Colorado. We run a gunnery crew with two small scale cannons, as well as yer standard drinkin' & carousin' expected of those working the "Sweet Trade".' updated 2/28/05  .

PIRATES OF THE TRITON: Captain Deadeye Tom, P.O. Box 3425 Clovis, CA 93613,  559-291-2037, .  To join the crew, go to the website, go to new members and send in your name, e-mail, home address and they'll sign you up.  new 3/31/05

------The Port Royal Privateers at the Ojai Renaissance Faire----
  A southern California club of “pirate enthusiasts”, who participate at fairs, festivals and maritime events from San Diego to Ojai. You may recognize some of our founding and high profile members: the Corsican Sisters, Mother Rackett, Jamaica Rose, Captain Michael McLeod and Gail Selinger, along with many others. For membership information please send an email to the group’s elected administrative board at  and check out our web site for photos, calendar of events and other details.  updated 10/14/10

PORT OF NEW PROVIDENCE, Barracuda d'Morte, PO Box 1021, Burbank, CA 91507.   We are an entertainment group of Pseudo Pirates. We want to look like pirates but act like entertainers.  We entertain in our encampment which has a stage, green room and seats for the audience. We include the pirate band, New Providence, storytellers, interactive games for children, dancers and other accoustic entertainment.  We are looking for possible self contained acts and we can use stage crew. Private events are welcome to make contacts with the acts through our encampment, but we are not an agency.   Found pillaging and plundering the waters of Southern California.  new 8/12/06

Contact:  Captain Maclaren, 9472 Rhone Valley Way, Elk Grove, CA 95624 
The Privateers of the Dauntless is the Stage Name for the Sacramento Historical Maritime Educational Organization, Inc. We are a 501c3 non-profit educational organization dedicated to the preservation and education of 16th and 17th century maritime history. We do this though "living history" re-enactment. We lean to historical rather than Hollywood and we present at various Renaissance faires and community events as well as local schools and libraries. We'll also from time to time may be found performing at private events. We transport and land based representation of a 16th century square-rigged ship, the "Dauntless", which includes a 45 foot tall mast with upper and lower yard arms, sails, rat lines and a functional crows nest. We educate via presentation, ship tour, skits, and demonstration, most of which are interactive and hands on for the audience. Our primary focus is in the latter half of the 1500's but can and have played up through the 1750's.  We are actively seeking new sailors that have a love of thinks nautical and historical. We are a for fee organization and "hire out" for a donation if the port of call is right.  We generally cruise the greater Sacramento area and the surrounding waters of Northern California. You will see us at many of the weekend Ren Faires as well as the Northern California Pirate Festival in Vallejo, CA. We have even played for the California State Fair.  new 2/12/08

ROGUE PRIVATEERS: Dan McGrew aka Duncan MacGregor,, 310-488-8421.   Authentic portrayal of, but not limited to, pirate encampments in the Golden Age of piracy in the Caribbean area. Specializing in the years 1660 to 1720. We do full speed sword fighting as well as fire black powder demonstrations from hand weapons to cannon. We also provide certification courses in black powder accepted by Nationally known experts. We generally participate at timeline events where authenticity is judged, though we are also available for educational events. We always strive for total authenticity. We are always recruiting motivated individuals who wish to participate at the highest level of authenticity possible. Presently operating in the Southern California area, but beware that we may sail into your area in the future and press you into service.   new 4/21/09

SAINT BRENDAN'S GUILD:  Rose Kahn or Mike Rettinhouse, 2755 Webb St., Vallejo, Ca., 94591, (707)643-7053,   We are a small guild working in small renn. faires in Northern Ca. Generally the time period is 1580 to 1598. We are sea traders from Ireland. Captain Grania O'Malley and her gamblers. We operate a booth and guild yard. We are notorious for cheating at dice. Our aim is to keep the guild on the small side so we will be selective. We participate in the following faires in Northern Ca.:  Anderson Celtic Faire, Willits Celtic Faire, Pittsburg Celtic Faire, & Folsom Renn. Faire.  new 12/31/01

SAINT GREGORY'S RENAISSANCE GUILD:  A part time pyratical guild based in Central California. For more information contact Captain Kate (aka Diane Hull, HBIC) at updated 3/6/05

SALMAGUNDI - A Thieving Band of Pyrates:  James D Spangler aka. Capt. Robert "The Dreaded" MacLaren, Activites include RenFaire, Public Appearances, Privet Partys, School shows, Charaty Functions, And Politacal.  Looking for new crew, and available for hire.  Sailing the West Coast but make Birth in East Bay. updated 9/24/07

TALES OF THE SEVEN SEAS:  Claire Britton-Warren alias "Antoinette LeFever", 15685 Hwy 9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006, 831-262-4444, 
Tall ship events, sailing/crew aboard the tall ship Royaliste on San Francisco Bay. Parades aboard our pirate ship parade float, the Land Shark. Street festivals, faires, charitable events, private parties, piratical dinners out, historic piracy lectures, sword choreography and unending piratical fun! Welcoming pirates of all eras and levels of experience. Based in northern CA and the San Francisco Bay Area, but attending events all over CA and occasional out of state events. Visit "Tales of the Seven Seas" on-line and meet our pirate reenactors!   update 02/26/05

VOYAGE OF REPRIZAL, contact via the website, or:  c/o P. Whitty, 3553 Regents Court, Las Vegas, NV 89121-3331.  We are Elizabethan Seadogs (1533-1603), who participate in Ren Faires mainly in Southern California and Southern Nevada with an occasional visit to Northern California. We also are involved with other groups in two Christmas parades in Southern California. Some crew members are involved in Southern California Pirate faires. There be four ships in our group that do look for new recruits. Visit our web site and contact the principles or one of the Captains. Our voyages are on-line, we meet an' discuss our plans at the faires we attend. I see nae reason for our crewmembers ta be geographically challenged.  new 1/28/06

WALK A PLANK PRODUCTIONS STUNT CREW, Drue Dunn, 3076 Marlow Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95403, Office Number: 707-237-6731, coming soon
The Privateer Show represents mariners of the late 1500 to early 1600. Packages offer costuming and accents from the Elizabethan Period. The Pirate Show represents the heights of piracy in the mid1700’s. Packages offer the costuming and accents of the Barbary Coast pirates.  Walk A Plank Productions is a theatrical stunt company specializing in live steel, black powder, and stage combat. We offer a variety of stage shows designed to excite and thrill your audience of all ages with choreographed stunts, sword fights, the blast of our swivel cannon and flintlocks. We'll do fairs, festivals, tall ships, private parties, and even birthday parties.  We are looking to fill our ranks, but if you are not safety minded, we don't want you. In this crew you will learn the basics of stunt work, from basic stage combat through swordsmanship to crashing through a plate glass window in a bar fight. We train weekly and we are always open to audition a new member of the crew.  We are in the North Bay, Sonoma County, California. But if you are interested in our group we are willing to travel to any port.  updated  8/23/06

CREWS IN THE SOUTHEAST (North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, the Gulf Coast & Texas)

ACME ROGUE & RUFFIAN RECRUITERS INK Contact:  Oddly O'Diferous at 727-224-8810 or EMAIL
We be a pirate crew focused on recruiting the young ruffians to being pirates.  Arrr Ink finds them, administers the pirate pledge and awards them with a signing bonus. Arrr Ink is based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, but if there be booty, will gladly travel to any waters. We fit in well at any event from festivals to company picnics to store openings. We are not taking anyone one on at this time.
  updated 8/29/09

Anna Maria Island Privateers
Contact: Dennis "Twisted" Poteet, President,, cell 727.804.1398
Capt. Randy "Turkey" Schwartz,, cell 941.518.7041 Non-profit organization supporting local children and community. Home based on Anna Maria Island, the primary cause supported is our annual Scholarship Fund for graduating high-school seniors from the greater Tampa, Bradenton, Sarasota area. Portraying the 'Golden Age of Pyrates', we love a good parade, any chance to get our picture taken and raising merry ol heck, by gob! We've been around since the early 70's and are always looking for new members to lend a hand. Have ship and will travel to nearby destinations; when favorable donations are to be had, that is. Support kids and celebrate your special occasion, fund-raiser, etc AND cavort with pirates at the same time.  new 01/11/08

John Humphlett, 23908 NW 196th Terr., High Springs, FL 32643.   We are a historical reenactment troupe with a very theatrical bent. We roam Florida in search of ren faires, reenactments, parades, and pirate festivals. We do live-steel combat and will gladly train any new members. Black powder is used also. Mostly in North Florida, but varies by event.   updated 11/9/04

Captain Ivan De Monay, c/o Steven Rosbury 246 San Luis St. SW Palm Bay , FL 32908. Ph: (954)253-2287 or (321)952-7187.
"We be sailing the coast of Florida, and be looking for a group to sign on with articles for a theatrical group. We dropped anchor off the coast of Central. Florida. and roam about the S. Brevard County area, near the cities of Cocoa, Melbourne and Palm Bay. We be needing musicians, thespians, as well as some true freebooters. Look you, this is a Corsair ship, not one of those dandy Buccaneer barges. So's ifin ye have the stomach for a little singing, dancing, pontificating, and of course drinking of the blessed Rum, Hail us."    update 04/11/07

Jim Butz, ph. 717-575-6192.
Email :
Wanted!! Pirates and Saucy Wenches of all ages! We are forming a Pirate Krewe in Zephyrhills, FL and surrounding areas. Our Krewe's goals will be to have fun and comradeship with other pirateers. As a member of the krewe, your interest in pirateers and knowledge in nautical history will expand as we participate in pirate reenactments. In addition, we will support social and charitable causes. ARRR! You are invited to sign aboard the krewe as we all set sail at the same time for treasure, new adventure, and distant islands. So spead the work so we can hijack other landlubbers to set sail with us and assist us in pillaging, plundering, and causing mayhem. new 01/11/09

The Brethren of Massacre Island (The Crew with a Cause)
Captain Leon Blythe or QM Jen Blythe
(251) 824-8081
P.O. Box 106 Bayou La Batre, AL 36509
--SCOPE OF PORTRAYAL: We currently portray GAoP but wish to branch out into Lafitte Era as well. We try to stay historically accurate, but can't resist a little Hollywood swaggery once in awhile.
--DESCRIPTION OF GROUP'S ACTIVITIES- Members must be ready to participate in charity work. We participate in Colonial & Pyrate Reenacting at local Forts and Museums in the Mobile, Alabama area. We also participate in Gulf Coast Area RenFaires and School functions. We are members of the International Brotherhood of Neutral Pyrates (The Pyrates Union) and attend activities in New Orleans, Louisiana.
--GROUP STATUS: We are a new crew and are looking to recruit crewmates. We are open to people of all genders, orientations, races, philosophies, and creeds ages 14 and up. We are looking for energetic, fun-loving people who believe in helping their fellow man.
--GENERAL AREA OF OPERATION: We are located in South Alabama and call Dauphin Island (The Original Massacre Island) our home port.  new 06/11/09

Contact: Hoke Currie, 2201 Lincoln Street, Columbia SC 29201
Email: Bloody Buckets [ ]
During the annual Pirate's Pub Crawl, the crew of the pirate ship Cornstyle Revenge, led by the bloody-handed Cap'n Long Tom, gathers a band on Halloween night to invade and claim bars in Columbia's 5 Points district in the name of the Brethren of the Coast. The Brethren also do a chili cook-off and a couple other events each year. New pirates are always welcome provided they can hold their liquor (or at least amuse us in the attempt). updated 2/22/05

Contact: Brian Corbett, aka Capt Cee Wolf, ph. 321-289-2389. Email :
Face Book: Brethren O the Space Coast
For all those who are Pyrates at heart, who live in the geographical area of the Space Coast of Florida, such as Brevard, Seminole, Osceola, Indian River, Volusia and Orange Counties, or just come for a port call and have a love for the area. By Keepin to the Code of the Brethren O the Space Coast, we intend to have fun and comradeship with other such minded Buccaneer's, participating in all types of mischief such as, but not limited to, Reenactments, Gatherings, supporting Social and Charitable Causes, and whatever comes our way. You can either be a valued crew member and sail onboard the Flagship Kapuna "K", or if ye like be captain and crew yer own ship as we sail together under the Black Flag , searching for treasure, and adventure. We are open to all, and don't plan on sitting in port fouling our bottoms.    new 8/31/10

BROTHERS OF THE COASTS:  Capt. Mackrell aka Bill LeClere, 904-641-6335,  -or-Trakessa Goodenuff aka Widget Wilson,  904-384-8871,   We participated in Sail Jacksonville our primary event. We helped the city host 18 tall ships culminating in a great "sea battle".  We have been in 3 parades this year, Gator Bowl Parade, Jacksonville Fl - We won best Specialty unit, Mardi Gras Superbowl, St Marys Fl - We won Best Walking unit, St Patricks Day parade, St Marys Fl - We won best over all. We also do educational demos with the public libraries.  Our group is focusing on historical authenticity, and education of the lubbers of the impact of piracy on our history. We exist in the range of 1650 to 1720, for events in Northeast Florida and beyond.  Founded by Mark Tingen.  updated 6/23/05

BUCCANEERS OF THE ATLANTIC COAST: Capt. Nikalus Morgan (Scott Rorie), 1304 Rothes Rd, Cary, NC 27511, (919) 481-1113 We participate in ren-faires, parades, pirate festivals & sci-fi/fantasy conventions. Time period is the "Golden Age" of piracy, the late 1600's through mid 1700's.  Our area of operation is North Carolina, but we travel up and down the East coast.  updated 3/16/05

THE CHARLES TOWNE FEW:   Captain Red Richard a.k.a. Richard Fisk;  Ph:843-343-7772.  Coastal Raiding Crew 1690-1820. Nautical Events/ Re-enactments. The core crew are veteran reenactors, most with 20 yrs.+ experience.  Will take on serious new crewmen, willing to portray seamen pirates. No Jack Sparrows, politicians, or dancing dock-dandies. Maritime background and skills preferred. 18 years and older. We are home-ported out of Charleston, S.C. and will follow the sweet trade from Georgia to Virginia.  updated 1/6/09

CHURCH OF THE JOLLY ROGER:   Amergin de la Barracuda, 407-620-9362,  We're known for pillaging, plundering, getting thrown out of Denny’s for singing sea chanties too loudly. On our Dread ship, the Gabby May, we prowl the highways and coasts of Central Florida through Georgia spongin’ fer rum, seachin’ fer booty, and generally causing much less trouble than we could if we really wanted to. Found in Florida, Georgia, Renaissance Faires in New York and Oregon. (They keep us spread out so we'll cause less damage in one area.)  updated 3/16/05

THE CORSAIRIUM:  Gideon Deschain ("Captain Yusef, Master of the Carnage"), 984 Roller Mill Rd., Franklin, NC 28734, email: .  In middle and western North Carolina, "we do the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) with a pyratical flair, as well as rapier tournaments and melees in our organization." updated  2/21/05

Crew of the Black Heart Bryan "Duncan" Langston, 11206 Shady Glen Dr, Jacksonville Fl 32257
We be the Crew of the Black Heart. A rag tag pyratical reenactment group from the nations oldest city, Saint Augustine, Florida. We be proud keepers of the pyratin' history in the southern waters. We be following the Golden Age of Piracy 1690 - 1740. Times may have changed, but not for this krewe. So, if ye sea dogs be stout, strong and full of pyratude, then step aboard fer some plunderin', pillagin' and wenchin' the way it was meant to be...then the Crew of the Black Heart be your Crew.   new 2/29/08

THE CREW OF THE "DEVIL'S SHADOW":  Capt. Kenneth "Cutlass" Robison, P.O. Box 2212, Irmo, South Carolina, 29063; (803) 781-9831.; Email:  What are the crews activities you ask? Pillage, Plunder, Rifle, Loot, Pillage some more, Burning, Drinking, even more pillaging, burning again. I think you get the picture. We are open to new recruits and old sea dogs, our area of operations will be Georgia & the Carolina's. We are a new group and looking for crew members to portray pirates from the 1700 to 1800's, we plan to strive to be as authentic as possible, but are open to all who are interested. Warning this crew is not responsible for it's actions as some of it's members are notorious Civil War Zouave Reenactors. new 1/11/05

The Cutthroat Titan Crew (Georgia/Florida)
Conctact:  Christopher Youngblood (Captain), (229) 237-6075, 
Local appearances for many events/occasions, performances, festivals, Ren faires, & Nautical festivals. The CTC co-hosts the Southern Pirate Festival and (un)Dead Buccaneers’ Ball (founded by The Renegade Raven) in Columbus, GA every October. ( Available for hire for events, parties, pillages, and raids. Open to new recruits with conditions set forth by the captain. Contact Capt. Youngblood.
GENERAL AREA OF OPERATION: Georgia and Florida, but have traveled and will travel beyond- Northeast, West Coast, Caribbean Islands, etc.  new 12/11/10

Contact:  c/o Captain Midnight (Jeffrey L. Greene) 704 Alston Street Richland, Georgia 31825
We are mostly historical, and do living history events, festivals, and reenactments all over the southeast U.S. We are open to new recruits; as a matter of fact, we would warmly welcome any who wished to join, regardless of whether they are "Hollywood" or historical. We are led by myself, Captain Midnight, and Bloody Sam Rackham.  new 5/1/09

DEAD PIRATES: contact Roger Riddle aka Captain Morgan, 91 East Angela Dr., LaGrange,Ga.30240, 1-706-882-6116, E-mail:  "We throw a party celebrating piracy at sci-fi & fantasy conventions. We have free food and drink for convention guests and sexy contests for men and women. We show pirate movies all weekend in the party room and have discourse on piracy and why people are so fascinated with them (after all ever since man has gone to sea there have been pirates. Yet for all the evil they do we love playing them). "  updated 3/17/05

THE DEAD PYRATES SOCIETY  P.O.O.P.  (Pyratical Order Of Precedence)
Contact:  Captain Sean (The Irish Bastard) Conner,  (Message Board) Golden Age of Piracy,  Raiding Ren-Faires, Tall Ship events, Shrimp Festivals, causing general mayhem, terrorizing mundanes, and generally being loud, obnoxious, black-hearted buccaneers.  We are always willing to take on new crew, if yer up to the challenge, laddie.  Sailing the waters of SE Georgia and NE Florida   updated 1/28/07

Contact: Capt. De'vil (William H. Hall), P. O. Box 2216, Surf City, NC, 28445. Ph: 1 910 508 4805, email: Time frame 1690-1740. Nautical events, pyrate events, sailing adventures. Our boat is a twenty-four foot sailboat with cannons and we actually do sail. We are as authenic as possible, not plastic pyrates. Looking for good members. Operate on waters of N.C. S.C. VA.  updated 11/7/09

Ted Haley, Angry Pete, Justin T.
Ted Haley, 131 Maple Ave, Bridgewater, MA, 02324, email:,
We portray a lifestyle of freedom to express ones realside-partyside-PIRATEside. Here is what the ECPC believes in our credo: “Bring us your broken, your battered, your bruised, your road tested and battle scarred. Those who have worked to the bone day in and day out, those who want more out of life than a cookie-cutter house, an office cubicle and a pretty little hybrid. When the strain of the rat race is too much, when the weight of conformity is pressing down; when the work to life balance is tipped to the side of evil, it is then when we answer the call. We are the proud, the force against; we are the music, the party; we are life beyond the mundane, we are the East Coast Pirate Crew.” Activities include:  Large gatherings – Live Music – Pub Crawls – Charity events – sales of Merch, etc.  We are open to all who wish believe in what we do and feel as we do!!!! Plymouth Harbor and points N&S – Southeastern MA.  new 11/1/10

Contact: Lace the Looter - President or Aspasia the Promulator - Public Relations
Address: Fernandina Pirates Club, P.O. Box 1094, Fernandina Beach, FL, 32035
Time period portrayed: No one particular period, we are an equal opportunity crew.
Type of pirates or privateers portrayed: Type? We're pirates matey, since when do thievin' cut throats have a type? Our crew speaks the Kings English when on duty.  We're pirates, savvy? We do local museum events (that's when we call in the book educated members of the crew) we do plenty o' charity work (mostly they don't care what we look like as long as we AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGH our lungs out and hand over a check or waive our fee) we do high falutin' corporate events (that's when we call out the fancy pants cabin boys and the non-swearin' wenches to dust off their Sunday best) we do movie premiers (that's when Cap'n Bonita dresses up like that there Depp fella and Scarlot the Harlot and the rest of us follow suit by imitatin' those other Hollywood landlubbers) we do private parties ranging from- pint sized swabbies birthday parties to full fledged kidnappings for weddings, batcherlor parties and other fun events, we even organize the occasional wench auction at our local saloon just to keep the pesky tourists happy.  We have 2 parade floats with a full sound system and working cannons. Our pavement sailin' ships are famous around these parts.  If the mood hits us, you might be findin' us pulling an invasion of our home port, Amelia Island or working a stage from time to time. Our most famous re-enactment is during the Shrimp Festival.  That be part of our invasion during . A pirate can't invade at the 'Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival' without a sea worthy ship too. We are currently using a historic (1901) oyster boat as our wet transportation.  New recruits? That depends on what they have to offer. Slackers need not apply. We be lookin' for a hard workin' crew that will give till it hurts. Piratin' ain't for sissys ya' know! Our Charter is limited to 100 members but we do have a few openings right now. Our Charter also states that all prospective members must be at least 19 years old and sponsored by a current member in good standing. To get considered as a 'swabbie', all someone needs to do is to ask any of our members while we are out and about. Emails and letters are also acceptable.
General area of operation: (30° 42.429' N, 81° 26.612' W) Our Home Port is Fernandina Beach, FL (aka: Amelia Island) and we will travel some, when we catch wind of a good event. updated 8/27/08

THE FISHBROTH SOCIETY:  2247 Ryan Road, Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034, Attention: Capt. Bart Coffin
The Fishbroth Society is a living history organization based in Northern Florida & SE Georgia depicting maritime life in America and its Oceans in the 1700 to 1750 period. Our goal is the authentic portrayal of those persons and times: from the Scoutboatmen of Oglethorpe (1740s) to the early Colonial and Provincial and British Navy, and inclusive of events and living history which portray: merchant seamen, pirates and privateers of the coastal waters of the lower Atlantic and Caribbean, Anglo, French and Spanish.
The Dutch Fluyt Project: Our present activities revolve around constructing a 30 foot pinnace based on Chapman's longboat schematics but the ultimate project remains the construction of a 40 foot Dutch Fluyt, circa 1730.  This site provides a boatbuilding log for both projects, replete with graphics. We eagerly invite any interested parties to participate and lend their ideas, comments and suggestions.
You may contact us for information directly relating to the boat projects at   new 3/19/05

HIS MAJESTY'S PROVINCIAL NAVY: Adam Cripps, (904)261-7015, email:   "The unit is a AUTHENTIC early colonial navy unit. We strive for authenticity, and our objective is to spread the truth the public about the common seaman in the early 1700's. We are a family based unit, women and children welcome. We do two impressions generally, but can do more. The two impressions are Oglethorpe's Provincial Navy, and Gov. Moore's Provincial Navy.  Most events range from Savannah Georgia down to St. Augustine Florida. We accept anyone willing to drive to the Florida/Georgia coast to participate with us when they can." new 9/3/02

PIRATE BRETHREN OF TEXAS:  Morick Towain, (972)488-8447, email: .  Social group centered in Dallas, TX that attends renaissance faires and has weekly social nights at a Dallas area bar. We dress more towards the Hollywood Stereotype and less towards Historically Accurate, although dressing more accurately is never discouraged. This group is more geared towards males following alternative lifestyles, but is open to any people interested.  new 2/22/05

THE PYRATES OF THE COAST:  c/o Robb Zerr, 685 Jamestown Blvd, Suite 2012, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 (877) 895-2848. E-mail:  . The Pyrates are recruiting pirates and wenches to ply the waters of Central Florida. If you live anywhere within a four hour drive of Orlando, you're invited to cast your lot with us. The Pyrates of the Coast are a performing troupe of 30+ rogues and wenches who walk the fine line between re-enactment and Hollywood style piracy. Some of our crew are as authentic as any pirate alive (mostly from the Golden Age) while others, particularly the entertainers, are more "Against All Flags" in style. It is a lively mix to say the least. We perform all over Florida and the country at festivals, events and drinking establishments as well as corporate and non-profit gigs. To be a member of the crewe, all you have to be is stouthearted in character and a bit of ham.  updated 3/18/05

PYRATES OF THE GULF COAST, Mitchell Stewart, Captain, & Brooks Smith, Tender of the Nets, [email: ]  Parades, festivals, captures, and other events to raise money for kids organizations on Florida's Gulf Coast, from Naples to Clearwater.  new 12/28/03

PYRATES OF TORTUGA, Chuck Priest aka Captain Barracuda or Rianna Perry aka The Pineapple Princess aka Scarlotte the Harlotte, P.O. Box 523381, Marathon Shores, FL 33052-3381, (305) 481-1944 or (941) 237-1397.  email: or   Pyrates for Hire! Pyratical Entertainment for all functions both public & private. Thrill to ...... Swashbuckling sword play, Pyrate Invasions and Wench Fights, Humorous sea tales & songs, Treasure Hunts, Authentic Pyrate encampment set to the Golden Age of Pyracy. We're always in search of new recruits. We have invaded, raided, pillaged and plundered all over the Florida Keys and parts of Southwest Florida. From children's parties to adult parties, and all public and private functions. We will provide entertainment Pyratically designed for your particular function. We are based out of Marathon, Florida Keys, but are not opposed to sailing to other ports to seek out the booty and new recruits.   updated 8/11/09

RUSTY CUTLASS, Logan Redwood, aka Chad Bennett,   Central Florida. We are all full-time professional performers, so when we invade the stage you can expect lots of entertainment, harmony, and good times. We perform authentic Sea Shanties, Pirate songs, Traditional Irish tunes, Tavern songs, Contemporary Nautical favorites and more, most with close vocal harmonies. Occasionally, we feature guest singers and instrumentalists as well. Our show can be tailored to fit your needs, be they a rousing family show, street atmosphere, naughty comedy act, or a bawdy tavern revue. We each play traditional instruments, including the concertina, guitar, mandolin, and upright double bass. We also play a variety of percussion, and some shows include a Drum Jam where audience members are encouraged to choose from our collection of 'Drums from Around the World.' Other shows include a "Swearin' In" for the little pirates, with lots of free booty for the kids to take home.  new 12/29/06

SCURVY FEW:  Lou Joseph, (aka Capn Louis Gargano), (954) 566-4965,  Golden age of piracy, black powder, sword play.  Fort Lauderdale, FL vicinity.    new 2/17/05

SHADOW PLAYERS - STAGE COMBAT GROUP:   Diana Waldier, Director, 4616-A Lavista Court, Raleigh, NC  27616, phone:   919-954-0012 h, 919-559-6025 c :  We do real steel swordfighting, portraying various periods including Medieval, Renaissance, Pirates, Sci-Fi / Fantasy. We perform at Renaissance faires, nautical and pirate festivals, parades, art festivals, weddings, birthdays, movie premiers and numerous other events where we not only fight, but interact with the public and help make the event a success in any way we can.  Active and always willing to consider new people to share the fun.  Operating in the South Eastern USA, but have gone further if pay is adequate.  updated 3/6/05

TEXICAN PRIVATEERS:  Lloyd "Black Deacon" Lively - Quartermaster, 281-782-5356,    Houston/Galveston/Southeast Texas & the Gulf Coast.  The Texican Privateers were formed out of a need when it twir discovered that nary one pirating group could be found in the Houston/Galveston, Texas area. Let alone the entire South East Texas coast. So several mates who 'ave been piratin' around for years doin' comedy swordfights, pub sings, other forms of reenacting and a basic love for history and the sea, joined together one night. (I must say after quit a bit of rum) and the Texican Privateers were born. When we meet we discuss History vs. Hollywood, tall ships, period weapons from swingin' steel to large booming projectiles. As well as piratical attire and kits. The crew portrays Pirating between the years of 1550-1865. We have several events during the year from sailing tall ships, festivals and flotillas and of course our famous Buccaneer Beach Bash.   new 2/3/04

THE TIDERUNNERS: Our crew portrays the saltiest of sea dogs from 1702-1735. We also perform at Living History events as buccaneers, colonial scouts, colonial militia, and Confederate/Federal troops. We raid schools and special events, and always welcome new members to join the fun. We operate up and down the Atlantic coast from Virginia to Florida, and are based in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Bring "The Tiderunners" to your next event or join our ever-growing crew. Contact us at:    new 10/4/07

The Tortuga Mutineers: David Flemming, 432 Timberridge Rd., Senoia, Ga. 30276-2100 (706) 538-9896,  “Have flintlock's will travel.”  From Key West Fl. to Wilmington NC. And beyond. Pirate events to Renaissance Fairs We bring it all, singing, acting, flint lock pistols, blunderbuss, cutlass and more. Always looken ta shanghai crew, so come aboard mates.  updated 8/11/06

Paul Johnson " Captain Fisty Nickle", P.O. Box 1794, Thomasville, NC 27361-1794,  e-mail:  A Renaissance faire Guild started for all Pirates and Privateers, doing all the NC ren faires and a few others along the East Coast. new 8/17/01

WEST COAST MUTINEERS contact Capt. Grace O'Malley (Michele Spears) or Quartermaster Troll at ,  1007 11th St. W. Palmetto, FL, (941)729-6946. Pirate crewes for festivals, commercial and private events throughout Florida and beyond. Interactive entertainers, live combat, black powder specialists and living re-enactment camps. Our brotherhood of the sea gladly accepts female pirates as well.  updated 5/31/02

Ye Royal Krewe of Charlotte deBerryP.O. Box 1096, Ruskin, FL 33570, or Kay Carr at  We are a part of the Tampa, Florida Gasparilla Festival. We participate in the minimum of 5 parades a year, the Gasparilla Children's, Gasparilla Pirate Invasion, Knights of 'Sant Yago Knight Parade, St. Patrick's Parade and Festival of States Parade and/or Veteran's Parade. We are a krewe of "wenches only" with a maximum membership of 150 and membership is open.  Our namesake, Charlotte deBerry, was an actual historical figure in the 17th century. She was a poor Irish girl who was kidnapped and taken to sea by a band of pirates where she endured unspeakable horrors as a captive of the Captain. Charlotte mutinied the Captain's crew against him, lashed him to the ship's mast and cut out his tongue. She became a Pirate Queen and sailed the European-Atlantic coast. updated 4/4/07

Ye Krewe of Sir Henry Morgan, Admiral of the brethren of the Coast:  Sandi Roper, 
Our co-ed Krewe participates in five parades per year. Three in Tampa, FL, one in Bradenton, FL and Fantasy Fest in Key West, FL. The men dress in mid-17th century pirate clothing and women dress as saucy wenches. We have a cap of 80 members and are not yet full. We also accept guests in the parades for a fee, space permitting.  updated  5/16/05  


ALLEMANSEND, Oele and Belinda Boeve, Address:van Heutszlaan 8 6711KN Ede the Netherlands
We are a reanacters group, piraci, trade and all things that will make us better, in the year 1705.  Parties, pillages and raids are nice and we do hire out. whenever we think its fun to do.  We are busy building two sloops that we can put in the water anywhere we like.  Sure we are open to new recruits.  The site is gonna be in English in a short period.  Meanwhile you can practice your Dutch.  new  2/18/06

Contact: Mirek Khun
 +420 603 83 14 62, Czech Republic   
We portray the  exact year 1700 with ground and ship battles, special effects, liveshow with French Italian and Spanish fencing, adventure sails with treasure hunts and pirate ambush. OPEN. Professional, hired for anything on good level.  We voyage over Europe, with our base in the Baltic Sea (Germany, Denmark area).  We also offer specialized fencing seminars for pirate weapons, as member of a European martial art school with 25 years tradition  new  10/28/08

BLACK-SPOT ENTERPRISES: Capt. John Wynder,  email:,  phone: +447905757431   Tucked away in the weaving inlets and smuggling routes of the south coast of the United Kingdom, we are principally an exploration venture rummaging through the lost and buried histories of England.  However some of our other activities include looting, socialising, sailing, and live theatre. However if you're looking for somewhere to sign on in the area there are a lot of worse places to start.  Based in the UK, out of Poole Harbour & the South Coast. updated  11/25/05

BONAVENTURE  United Kingdom, Ed Foxe,  Our aim is to portray all of the various aspects of nautical life, particularly the Royal Navy, to the most authentic standards possible. We are of course willing (indeed eager) to help new members reach our standards, and we have a good stock of spare costumes etc to lend out to people until they get their own. Bonaventure is the host group of the South West Pirate Festival, the UK's largest pirate re-enactment event. updated 2/22/05

COLCHESTER HISTORICAL ENACTMENT SOCIETY (C.H.E.S.), Paul Adams AKA Tall Paul, EMAIL:    C.H.E.S. has been an active re-enactment society since 1988, enacting a number of different historical periods, but mostly 9th C. Saxons.  In 2001 we took to Piracy. Mainly on the basis that anything that involved drinking rum and singing loudly couldn't be all bad.  Our intention is to re-enact the "Golden Age" of piracy (1680ish to 1730ish) as authentically as possible, whilst still having as much fun as possible.  We now re-create all aspects of early 18th Century Maritime life, from Smugglers and Pirates, to the Royal Navy in the area of Colchester, Essex, UNITED KINGDOM.  updated 9/3/05

Forbans sans quartier
Contact:  Claude Boudrot and Frank Buschardt, Phone: +33442833245. Email: 
Our group is based in 13600 La Ciotat - 22, Boulevard des Aubepines.
Our crew is a sort of "pirates without quarter given". We work together with our German mates, around the French coast. Our group has16 "piratesmembers" but we are working together with other regimental troupes of the 17th and 18th century. new 12/3/08

Original Koelner Piarten
Wilfried Wery, Schlesierweg 27a, D-53804 Much, GERMANY Tel. +392245 8485 E-mail 
We are a group existing still 1968, and about 20 members in our organization. We are a lot of time in maritime representations in Germany and France. Our group name is Original Koelner Piraten von 1968.   Our period is very large, between 1650 up to 1760 and most of us are looking for historical accuracy. We are using real flintlock weapons and canons with black powder. Our area of operations is the north of Germany up to France and southern France, Marseilles.  new 5/27/08

THE PIRATES OF THE MORNING STAR, Brisbane, Australia, ph: (07) 3311 7494,  email:  .  We are delighted to announce a new re-enactment group based in Brisbane.  As the name may suggest, we are committed to an accurate portrayal of the Golden Age of Piracy – (1650-1750) We’re also committed to having a lot of fun!  We are currently taking on crew, so if this idea shivers your timbers, you are most welcome to come along! Some of the things we do:  Sword Fighting, Unarmed Combat & Boardings …  Feasting, Ale-Swilling & Wenching… Singing, Dancing and Carousing… Woodwork, Metalwork & Leatherwork …Sewing, Tatting & Embroidery…. and lots, lots more!  If you don’t have the time, money or skill to get yourself a costume, fret not – gear will be provided!  Training occurs every Sunday, starting at 10am, at Pirate HQ, for details.
We also have a yahoo mailing list:   updated 2/22/05

Pyracy - the Pirate Reenactors Website, This website is for pirate reenactors everywhere, but with a focus on the scene in the United Kingdom.  A good listing of pirate crews in the UK.  new 11/27/05

SEATHIEVES PIRATE ASSOCIATION: Tony Rotherham, 43 Isandula Road, Nottingham, NG7 7ER, UK, Phone: 07957949742, E-mail:, Website: (listed in the Heritage section)  We are a group of living historians who between us have many years experience of combat displays, film & tv work, school lectures and battle re-enactments.  We portray the Golden Age of Piracy, smugglers and highwaymen during the 18th Century. We have appeared at the Captain Cook Festival and many a nautical event at the Historic Quay in Hartlepool.  We perform all over the UK but would love to eventually weigh anchor in the America's and cross swords with other like minded pirates!   updated 4/18/07

THE SHEPPEY PIRATES, Captain Cutlass ( or Master Gunner McBarnacle (  Predominantly the Golden Age of Pyracy (1680-1725).  Re-enactment, Parades, Nautical events, carnivals, school appearances (the variety of events is quite extensive).  Always open to new recruits. Have recently doubled in size due to tie-up with a group of like-minded ne'er-do-wells, rogues and sea-dogs! Are looking to hire out in the near future. Have £5m public liability insurance, licences for all black powder weapons used and have risk assessments available for all activities conducted.  Area of Operation: Kent and South-East England but will travel to most parts of UK (especially if contributions towards expenses can be made). Would love to travel further but costs prohibit us! (Hint, hint if someone has a big pot of booty to be shared out!) new  10/5/05

Article reprinted from July '96 No Quarter Given


We get letters from our readers always askin’ ifin there’s a buccaneering crew in their waters, so’s they kin sign the articles and go on the account. Well, for some of you, piracy seems to be rather scarce in yer home waters. But all the better - that just means you’ve got an area ripe fer the pickin’. The local populace, merchants and tradespeople have probably gotten complacent, thinkin’ they’re safe from plundering.

You just need to assemble a crew, find a ship or a town to plunder, get some armament, and start raiding the locals.

GATHERING A CREW: Short of takin’ out a classified ad ("Cutthroats and Rogues Wanted for some light piracy"), there are many ways to find the ruffians and experienced brethren-of-the-sea that you might be wantin’. First, we can put notyce in NQG that you be startin’ up a crew. Second - we’ll be glad to send an invitation from you to our readers in yer vicinity (respectin’ the anonymity that many of our subscribers might be treasurin’, we don’t give out whereabouts, but we will pass on messages). Third, you can recruit amongst yer friends (they may not be die-hard pirates, but they might enjoy getting together with their friends and doing something fun). Fourth, Living History participants (Renaissance Faires, SCA, Early American History events, etc.) might provide willin’ crewmates (they already know something about costuming, and maintaining a persona, and they just might be ready to branch out into a new time period and persona). Fifth, try local community theater groups and acting guilds (again - costuming, maintaining a persona, and acting outrageous comes naturally).  Sixth, put a poster up at yer local fencing studios (what fencer hasn’t made-believe he was Errol Flynn, and having knowledgeable swordsmen adds excitement to the group). Lastly, recruit amongst yer local marinas and sailing clubs (what small boat owner hasn’t flown the Jolly Roger from his vessel, at least as a joke). Having access to a boat can be useful and experienced sailors in the group lends authenticity.

GO ON THE ACCOUNT: Once you’ve got your rag-tag band of pirate wannabees together, what do you do with them? Have a meeting, agree on your ship’s articles. Decide how your crew is going to be organized, and what type of activities they will engage in. Does your group want to try for authenticity, or more for Hollywood stereotypes? Hold workshops. Help each other with costuming, persona development, learn songs, study history & pirates, and practice skits (and of course encourage all your crew to read "No Quarter Given" and the "Pyrate Prymer"). Further along, you might want to organize a theatrical combat unit, and/or blackpowder unit (these activities involve a lot more safety risk, to you and the public, so make sure you get the proper training). Everyone thrills to watch a sword fight and hear the cannons roar, but they can also enjoy your group without these very risky activities.

Think your crew is ready for their first venture? Where should you go to pillage and plunder? Keep it simple for your first few ventures, maybe some private parties, and children’s groups (cub scout Buccaneer Days). Sing some songs, teach some knots, tell scary pirate stories, give out gold coins and trinkets from your treasure. Later, with a few events under your belt, you might be ready for a more adult audience (the songs can be bawdier, the skits a little more realistic). Try an encampment at living history events (for RenFaires, be Elizabethan Sea Dogs; for early colonial events, portray pirates of Blackbeard’s era; and for Fantasy Faires - anything goes). Besides setting up your pirate camp, and glaring at the public as they walk by, there’s a lot you can do to entertain the audience (as well as yourself): pass the rum and sing tavern songs (tea makes a good "rum" - save the real rum for later in the day, as alcohol is very dehydrating), have a noon-day feast with period foods, hold mock pirate tryals, organize a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt for the audience, shoot the noon-day sun for navigation. If you are near a coast or big river, check into local sea faires and nautical events. Check with maritime museums and historical ships if they would like some pirates at their next event. Go on a cruise, or "board" a ship (be entertainment for a chartered cruise). Invade a town during a local festival and hold the town leaders for ransom (with their permission). How about parades, charity visits (libraries, hospital children’s wards), musical festivals (sing chanteys and sea songs), Halloween haunted houses?

And finally, be sure to let NQG know about any major events you’ll be raiding, so we can announce it in our events listing. And send stories of your adventures, or reviews (good and bad) of events you have attended.

(written by Christine Markel Lampe)

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