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Classic Pirate Fiction
[for an extensive list of pirate fiction follow the link to "Pirate Tales"]

(** = Book is in editor's library)
(# = While not possessing it, editor has read the book)

Cooper, James Fenimore, The Red Rover. One of the best sea novels in all of literature! The pirate called "The Red Rover"
captures and holds a New England young man and two women until a climactic battle on the high seas with another pirate. Online Gutenberg

Defoe, Daniel, Captain Singleton, [1720]. A first-person narrative of piracy and buccaneer raids on the African coast. This is an elaboration of a supposedly factual pamphlet Defoe had written about Captain Avery. This story contains a blurring of the line between fact and fiction, which is accompanied by a conscious blurring of the line between right and wrong.**

Defoe, Daniel, Colonel Jacque, [1722]. Full title: "The History of the Most Remarkable Life and Extraordinary Adventures of the truly Hon. Colonel, Jacque, vulgarly called Colonel Jack", this is a first-person account of a convicted pickpocket, who was born a gentleman, sent to Virginia as an indentured servant, to eventually become a slave owner and landowner. Piracy is involved in the story, but this is good for a general feeling of the colonies during this period.

Defoe, Daniel, The Four Years’ Voyages of Captain George Roberts, [1726].

Defoe, Daniel, Moll Flanders, [1722]. This is a first person recounting of the providential escape of the heroine from a continued course of wickedness. Defoe writes with sympathetic realism, and offers a good overall view of society during this period, in England and the Colonies. Piracy appears in this story too.

Defoe, Daniel, Robinson Crusoe, Parts I and II, [1719-1720]. This famous story involves pirates, as the hero and his Man Friday are rescued from their island by a mutinous ship. (Based on the real-life marooning and subsequent rescue of a pirate, Alexander Selkirk). **

Fraser, George MacDonald, The Pyrates, [A Plume Book, 1983]. Author of Flashman turns his wit towards the buccaneers. Just about every pirate that ever lived shows up in this irreverent romp.**

Meg, Elisabeth, Plenty of Pirates: An Adventure Tale of the Barbary Wars, [G. P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, 1953]. Adventure story based on a true incident that occurred during the Barbary Wars. Young Adult.

Michener, James, The Caribbean, [Random House, NY, 1989]. Novelized history of the Caribbean, spanning the ages from pre-Colombian to modern era.  For pirate enthusiasts, I highly recommend the sections on the Sea Dogs, the Buccaneers, and Henry Morgan.**

Pyle, Howard, Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates [Harper & Row, 1921] Mostly a collection of fictional tales written & illustrated by Pyle, with a couple of non-fictional chapters told with a great deal of artistic license. Wonderfully illustrated.**  Online version   Gutenberg Text Online

Poe, Edgar Allan, The Gold Bug,, [1843]. A mystery story of buried pirate treasure off the South Carolina coast.**

Powers, Tim, On Stranger Tides, [Ace Books, NY, NY, 1987]. An interesting mix of Blackbeard, Stede Bonnet, Anne Bonney, voodoo, and the Fountain of Youth.**

Sabatini, Rafael, The Black Swan, [1932]. A thrilling adventure in the world of pirates and buccaneers. Sabatini’s hero is a gentleman taken to piracy because of a secret past misfortune.**
__,   Captain Blood, [1922]. The story of the gentleman doctor, Peter Blood, sent to a Caribbean plantation as an indentured servent, who then escapes and turns pirate captain. (Made into the movie with Errol Flynn in his first starring role).**
__,   Captain Blood Returns, [1931]. The sequel.**
__, The Fortunes of Captain Blood, [1936]. The third book in the series of Captain Blood.**
__,  The Sea Hawk,, A classic swashbuckler about a Cornish gentleman who becomes a Barbary Corsair. Made into a fine silent movie in the 1920's.**

Scott, Sir Walter, The Pirate, 1822. The book that re-invented the pirate genre after it died out in the latter eighteenth century. Captain Cleveland is a new type of hero, made in the influence of the Romantic Movement. This story is full of secret passages, long lost sons, and magic. The beginning of the fantasy element and the archetypes used by later Hollywood.

Smith, Wilbur, Birds of Prey **
__, Monsoon
. These books follow a family of privateers for the British East India Company through three generations. Taking place in the second half of the 17th century and the early 18th century, the Courteney family deals with Dutch privateers, English (actually Scottish) pirates, and Arab pirates in the area of East Africa and the Cape of Good Hope. The historical details are excellent, not to mention that the stories are just plain page-turners. #

Steinbeck, John, Cup of Gold,, [1937]. A fictional life of Sir Henry Morgan.**

Stevenson, Robert. L., Kidnapped, [1886]. A historical novel telling of the adventures of David Balfour, the young hero, & Alan Breck, a Jacobite, starting in 1751, taking place mostly in Scotland.#

Stevenson, R. L., Master of Ballantrae. Small section involving pirates, one even called Teach.#

Stevenson, R. L., Treasure Island, [1883]. The famous story of Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver.**

(** = Book is in editor's library)
(# = While not possessing it, editor has read the book)














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